Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Spring Spring said the Robin!!

It's a gorgeous Spring day in Connecticut!   Piper and I are off to the Rocky Hill Library this afternoon for the Capitol Region Children's Round Table Flannel Fest!!!  We are bringing birds with us!  We have two little dickey birds from the Mother Goose Rhyme.  Many thanks to Betsey Diamont Cohen and Mother Goose on the Loose for making this popular all over again!  

Two little dickey birds sitting on a cloud
one named Soft, one named LOUD
fly away Soft
come back Soft

I have the children use their voices to indicate the soft and loud.  And we pretend that the birds are sitting on our pointer fingers.  We fly our pointer fingers behind our backs and bring them back again!  Such a simple rhyme and it works perfectly.  We do this at least twice.

We have a similar rhyme done in a very different and equally popular way.  Take a look at our blue birds!
One blue bird, made with pale blue tulle, tied to my pointer finger!  Think bird wings!  We have many of these already tied for little fingers to just slip on.  Birds for Mommies too.

Two little bluebirds sitting on a hill
one named Jack and one named Jill
fly away Jack
fly away Jill
come back Jack
come back Jill

(no shouting in this version)

Again, this is so simple!  Place a blue tulle bird, or blue yarn, or blue ribbon on each pointer finger and fly away little birdies!  
Vida Kova Lashgari showed me tulle birds last year, she may have done it with two little black birds...and black tulle is beautiful...or yellow birds?  Just think of all the ways you can do this!!

Two adorable books to suggest for Spring reading:



P.S. (Piper Script):  Read with your child today, or your dog!  

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