Friday, March 25, 2016

Flannel Nests for Spring Stories

Time to make the nest...

Nest building began and ended in our YOGA for 2 - Mindful Movement program but found it's way into Prime Time with Piper and Saturday Pop-up Art as well.  Seemed that adults and children enjoyed this craft.  Perhaps it was the challenge of making something beautiful from a mess.  Organization from chaos always appeals to me.

Our supplies: random card stock, strips of old book pages, ancient color-aid paper (circa 1972  college days), glue sticks, a pattern for bird, pencils, scissors.

We started with a flannel board story from the book In My Nest by Sara Gillingham  We talked about all the things we'd need to make a nest for a baby bird...a warm safe spot, twigs and leaves. We discussed the need for mud to hold it together and the feathers to make it soft.  We thought about layers on top of layers to make it comfortable and pretty and to protect the family.

Sharing stories mindfully allows for science, nature, imagination, caring and heartfelt moments.  Everything moves in a gentler way.  Children have crafting freedom although sometimes moms have the scissors.  Mindfully safe!

Nesting in early spring brings new and joyful moments.  Be good at nesting!  That's what I share with the children.  Rest, feel your feelings, cuddle, be safe.  We have gratitude beads in YOGA for 2 and this week I heard, "I am grateful for green lima beans" and "pink lollipops"  So much to be grateful for...does a heart good!

Mama built a little nest written by Jennifer Ward and illustrated by Steve Jenkins is a stunningly beautiful book with sidebars on how the nests are built.  I adore science facts.  This will satisfy your nature-child.

Piper selected Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard for Prime Time with Piper because she loves being silly.  It's excellent for experimenting on how to change your mood and a great shout out for supportive friends.  Piper is both silly and smart.  Love my girl.

Once during each 6-week session of YOGA for 2 we make a gratitude bracelet.  We mindfully select beads to represent things we are thankful for.  
This week after our families went home to their warm and safe nests Piper and I sat down to make my bracelet.  My colors are for Belgium.  I am grateful for their love and courage in these days of loss and suffering.  I will wear them on my wrist and carry them in my heart.

I am always grateful for Flannel Friday.  If you would like information on joining and participating please visit our nest!

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P.S.(Piper Script) We love bird watching, do you?



  1. Love the whole post!! The sweet flannel story and the nest craft are going on my next bird storytime plan!!


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