Friday, September 30, 2016

How to host a community art project on Dot Day

Our families love Dot Day
       and collaborative art projects

The Faxon Library patrons participate in community art projects many times throughout the year because, well, ART!!!!! And really...CREATIVITY!!!! Art projects abound in our branch because they stimulate our environment, make us all smarter and reinforce that sense of individual ownership and library membership.

There is value to exploring the arts for patrons of all ages.  The developmental benefits of art for children include motor skills, language development, decision making, critical thinking, visual learning and fun!  Let them create or as Peter Reynolds, author and illustrator of The Dot encourages, "make your mark"

Creativity, courage and collaboration....please listen to the story.

We hosted International Dot Day on Saturday, September 17th this year.  We registered here with the official International Dot Day.   You will find everything you need to host your own event on this website. 
A few years ago I created flannel circles in assorted colors and sizes to encourage dot play on the flannel board.  I am entertained by arrangements throughout the day.  Periodically the dots end up on the floor in a new arrangement.  I wonder...did they get tired of standing or just the natural flow of creativity?

How we made our community project at the top of the page: 

-One piece of white foam core board and one large piece of a deep plum paper for background 
-Using the paper cutter I pre-cut a bunch of stems and glued them in place
-scissors and glue sticks on the table-paper in lots of colors.  I cut a few circles - no tracing - just went for circle shapes

47 people contributed to this masterpiece
and easily 50 toddlers and parents played with the flannel board.   Success!

Community Art/Passive program/Pop-up makerspace ~ it's all part of what we do! Thanks for visiting Piper Loves the Library.  We love comments too.

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