Friday, July 13, 2012

Pinterest to Program!

I <3 Pinterest!

Angry Birds to the Rescue!  
Wednesdays at 2pm we host 
Angry Birds to the Rescue in the library

This week we had Angry Bird Bowling in the stacks.  And later we made these bookmarks.  I found them on Pinterest some time ago and we just had to make them.  

Next week we'll play
 "Place the beak on the Angry Bird" 
while blindfolded.  Pinterest again!

Angry Birds Pin the Beak Party Game

And we plan to do Green Pigs in space with the straw rocket idea from Pinterest:

Straw rockets: the idea is very simple - cut two identical shapes from paper and glue them together around the edges. To launch just insert the straw and blow!
(replace the paper rocket with the green pigs from angry bird)

Stop and smell the Pinterest roses!  

Easy to make, kids take them home.

Guessing...inspired by Pinterest!  
This has been a learning experience...just guess!
Go for it!  Guess!  I never knew so many children were afraid to guess.  So I change up the number of legos in the container every other day and the guessing is getting easier...and actually more accurate! 

Help your kids become good guessers. 

And Tuesdays are Lego Nation!  
How about marbles in a maze!
Yes, it's a Pinterest Post!

Lego Maze

Just another Monster Monday!  
Monday afternoons - it's Monster Time at two!

I cut out the Monster mouths (after I took the photo).  Each Monday we start with the bean bag toss...all ages love the bean bag toss.  Who knew???  Again, I found this on Pinterest.
We always read a monster book ... or two

And this is the monster case, inspired by Pinterest, I made for my iPod:

Pinterest is a part of almost everyday for me at the Library.  If I need a quick art project - I jump onto Pinterest.  I will pin things to my Story Time Fun board to review later. It is an amazing resource.  Having Flannel Friday on Pinterest is Librarian Heaven!! 

Many thanks to the creative pinners for your daily inspiration.  You add joy to my life and my job.  

Friday, July 6, 2012

We are the Dinosaurs!

We're BACK!!!  

I just had to do a blog post with the 
completed dinosaurs. 

These are the plain, 

wait for it



Yep!  The printed ones!!!  

And, do you think you can match them up?

Of course you can!!

In case you didn't visit last week's dinosaurs on this blog...I found the adorable pattern for these dinosaurs on Mel's desk  Just click the link and you'll 
find the pattern!  
She has a wonderful rhyme too.
Thank you Melissa!

Go for it...sort and match the dinosaurs!  

And don't forget to march to 
Go get your little one and click the above link to Laurie marching and singing.  
You'll be singing this all day long!
So silly and so much fun!

p.s.  (Piper script)  I love marching!!