Friday, August 10, 2012


Do you know Sophie?

Well first, you might like to know that she is French, born in France!  Ooohh - la - la!  She has very bright eyes and beautiful blushing cheeks.  All the little ones in story time know her friendly smile, her soft touch and her adorable squeak!   Take a peek!

Oui!  Yes!  This is SOPHIE! 

This is my petite post for the perfect giraffe who joined my family just prior to the birth of my grandson.  I made the letters for Sophie's name.  They look like this:

Yes!  Giraffe felt.  (c'est parfait!)

With the help of all in attendance I place the letters in order trying to explain that "PH sounds like F."  But of course....some of the story time Sophies are actually Sofia.  So after a discussion on who has an F and who has a PH and what do they both sound like....we move into Sophie's story of being born in France, far away.  Many parents of the story time children were born in other countries.  We talk about that and also about how little we were when we were born - when we were just tiny babies!  And remember: Sophie is a baby giraffe.  We start our song very softly because we don't want to frighten baby Sophie.  (to the tune of BINGO)

I have a giraffe who's here from France
and Sophie is her name-oh
and Sophie is her name-oh!!


p.s. (piper script) J'adore Sophie, kiss kiss! 
It is a good idea to make a letter F for explaining PH/F sound.
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