Friday, January 27, 2012

be bop on Friday night and a little bit more!

Oh, how we love this book! 
The 2012 Caldecott Winner, Chris Raschkawrote another one of our favorite books: 
Charlie Parker played be bop.  
This is a sassy jazzy story and a wonderful read aloud. I am thinking it would be really nice if Piper could play the saxophone in Story Time!  

Chris Raschka illustrated another "fav
The Hello, Goodbye Window
Nanna and Poppy's kitchen window is the place to be!  This is a very sweet beautifully illustrated lap-share book. Pick it up at your library and read with your grand children or have it in the house when the grandparents come over.  

Oh and before we say good night there is one more book we want to mention, Fire Drill 
by Paul DuBois Jacobs and Jennifer Swender.  This is the perfect book for preschool through 
grade one for practicing fire drills - something we should all do.  The simple rhyming text and 
clear colorful artwork guide children through all the steps.  Borrow it from your library and practice at home and in school!  
P.S. make it the book you read to your child's class each year.

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