Thursday, May 16, 2013

Picture Books on the L

The L?  Yes the L! 

The L was overflowing with books.  You know... that far way other end of the... L-shaped sofa where I keep my library books.   Yes.  Overflowing to epic proportions.  Half of the sofa was full of books.  No room for company but oh so many fabulous fictional friends to visit!

Piper and I love picture books.  We've read close to one hundred over the past four weeks...some were great, some hilarious and some just dreadful.

Take a look at these:

They're all on our GREAT list.  They're all about behaviors.  Hmmm.  So, here's the thing..Piper is having behavior issues and she refuses to say she's sorry therefore we are experimenting with "time out".  So, we have this little group of books to read and re-read and then read again!

Let's start with MINE! written by Shutta Crum illustrated by Patrice Barton.  Mine! Mine! Mine!  I hear this often in the library and we all understand it.  This book brings it home with limited text and the most amazingly adorable illustrations.  Ownership bounces from child to child and to the playful puppy with no tears.  The book invites you to cuddle with your child and talk about what you see.  A major triumph in the tale - there's no blame here, making the book more adventure than lesson.  Subliminal messaging for our toddlers - wow, brilliant author!

Let's move on to Martha!   Martha Doesn't Share! and Martha Doesn't Say Sorry! written by Samantha Berger and illustrated by Bruce Whatley are the best books to read when there is an issue or even a hint of an issue.  Martha will steal your heart but not at the beginning of the book. She's really not nice but with humor and heart and a great deal of thinking she discovers that she can share and she will say sorry.  And life is even better...but we don't point that out.  Martha is quite irresistible, once you get to know her!

Olive And The Big Secret by Tor Freeman hits the nail on the head of the whole secret thing.  Why do they do it?  I don't even remember what age kids are when the misery of keeping and telling secrets begins.  Ugh. The book is very linear, clear and predictable until the end which as I already said...nails it!  Quite witty!

From the ever-popular Rosemary Wells we have Time-out For Sophie.  Here, Ms Wells captures the terrible twos to a T!  Oh, Sophie, intentional misbehavior?  You threw your supper on the floor, again?  Oh no!  This is short and simple, pure entertainment.  Best way to teach a lesson to a two-year-old?  Don't make it about them!  Let it be all about Sophie!   That naughty Sophie!

Why are all the naughty children girls?  Ha!  Am I sensing a gender reversal in children's picture books?  No, that can't be...I just need to read another hundred books to find some misbehavin' boys!  In the meantime, here's an outstanding book for everyone written by the talented father/daughter Emberley team.  If anyone is acting up in your house...go to the library and borrow If You're A Monster And You Know It 

Yay! Monsters in the house! 

  We get to stomp, snort and growl around.

Be sure to check out the "catchy downloadable tune" for this book!  Click here  

And if you need more monsters click here, we've got some darling ones.    Piper and I are going to keep these books for a couple more days.  I do think they are helping her with her "issues".  Thank goodness! 

Visit your library this week!   You'll find picture books on behaviors and emotions.  Parenting books to measure your successes and failures advise you on all sorts of topics.  Poetry books for your inner artist, art books for your creative soul and they're all waiting for you and your kids and your dog!  Please remember to read to your dog!

Thanks for visiting Piper loves the Library. 

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