Friday, June 7, 2013

The Ants Go Marching on Flannel Friday!

Marching One by One
Hurrah!  Hurrah!

Dig into Reading!  Grab yourself a book and ...MARCH... right into "the ground to get out of the rain... Boom Boom Boom"  Oh, and please take some ants with you.  I am pushing the flannel envelope people!  Just want you to know that.  I do not like ants.  Irrational fear of ants over here - been this way since adulthood.  And now, I'm making flannel ants.  Last week I came face to face with my fear of sharks when I flannelized that bad boy and this week... creepy crawly ant parts.  And this is my choice!  What the heck am I doing to myself?  Could this possibly become: Flannel-what-you-fear-Friday?

Click here for an adorable version of the song.  I wrote that sentence to be nice, to try a positive spin - but truly...there is no such thing as an adorable ant.  The song is catchy - I agree.  Kids like it, yep!  Kids like ants - what can I say?  I used to like them too, when I was a kid!

I sketched the pattern and started taping and cutting this afternoon.  I have more ants to make...but here's a few to get us going.  Oh...ants, fun!

Marching one by one

There's never just one ant...

I think they look sort of goofy.  Alien ants?  Anyway - these are my ants!  It's pouring buckets here in Connecticut - so all of our ants are marching into the ground for a night of reading.  How perfect!! 

P.S. (Piper Script): I love digging for ants.  Oh, and we found a really cool science experiment for ants. Check out this National Geographic site!


  1. I love your ants Jane (just put an ILL on the book too)!

  2. Your ants are adorable! I've got to get my hands on that book! Thanks for the cute post this week!

  3. I'd like to know what you did for the littlest one who "stopped to suck his thumb"? I had been thinking of "flannelizing" this song, but that has me stumped!

  4. Well, little one "stops to play a drum"! So, I made a drum! I am shameless with "tweaking" things to work for me and I highly advise that. Hope this helps :) ~ jane


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