Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

Oh Christmas Tree
How beautiful you are in flannel!

      So maybe this isn't the right verse for the song...but I love this little tree.  I saw it last year on Pinterest and knew I needed to make one.  While watching the gala surrounding the lighting of the tree on Rockefeller Plaza, (on the television...from the warm comfort of my cozy couch), I started drawing and cutting and singing - no dancing.  No dancing with scissors in your hands.  House rule.  Great rule.  And I made a tree, almost 3 feet tall!!  woo - hoo!  Or is it..woot! ?

 I made the tree with big sheets of stiffened green felt, (leftovers!) ...and the tree looks sort of stiff,  don't you think? Funny!   Next  year I'll go for graceful sweeping branches from a roll of  soft green felt and it will be magnificent.  This, mind you, is my starter tree!

Right now it's laying down on a foam (core) board.  I need to attach it to the board, to make it stand.  I think I'll do that with velcro.  I may want to attach it to the "fridge" with magnets later, or the flannel board - I'm thinking ...stay flexible!  Heck, I can move this tree from room to room!  How many people can say that about their holiday tree?

I have more sheets of the leftover green felt - I may have to make more trees...oh, a forest! No, no, not really doing that.  Sooo not doing that.  I am already thinking of sewing some sort of felt garland.  This is totally crazy!  Stop!  Be content.  Breathe.  Be calm and holiday on!  CALM.  

When I left work today I placed this tub on a colleague's desk to put out for our patrons tomorrow.  (I'm off tomorrow) We have a very tall tree in our library...maybe 15 feet.  Not a Christmas looks a bit like a giant avocado plant...but I know it's not. To honor Nelson Mandela,  we will place birds on our library tree for December and maybe January too.  We will pray for peace on earth - in our lifetime, or at least our children's lifetime.  Let us all fly free.

Here are a couple of birds ready to nest in the Peace Tree

P.S. (Piper Script): I can't wait to take those felt ornaments off and on and off and on.  We get a bit hyper here around the holidays.  Yes, "we".  xo


  1. Yes, sounds like someone has been eating the Christmas candy and is all 'hyper'. LOL! Love the tree and ornaments. You know me, I like things BIG! The peace tree in honor of Nelson Mandela is a wonderful idea! Now, off to make my own BIG Christmas tree, Ho, Ho, Ho!!

  2. You are such a beautiful soul! I feel such a wonderful connection with you every single time I read your posts. I saw the huge felt tree on Pinterest last year and it is on my to-do list for our Stay and Play following our Read, Sing, Play Toddlertime next Tuesday. I will use the huge felt tree with a couple of my songs and with a Christmas-y version of Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I am so excited to share my tree now that Zi have seen yours! I love the foam board idea! I am borrowing it, for sure. I am also totally adoring your Peace Tree idea and borrowing that, too. We have an interactive wall display that we just created this year and it is a huge, 3 dimensional paper tree to which we have been adding leaves, squirrels, etc for Fall. The children write book recommendations on the colorful leaves. Now, we are switching out the fallen leaves for snow and snowflakes. I am going to make the suggestion that we add some of your sweet birds and allow the children to write their wishes for our world on them as they add them to our tree. This idea just makes me heart smile and my soul fill with pure joy. Nelson Mandela's life and message should be celebrated by us all at this time! Rest in Peace, Mr Mandela!


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