Friday, February 21, 2014

Flannel Friday Goes Wild with Mr Tiger!
~ aka Piper and Jane with their favorite book!

We've been missing from Flannel Friday for some time now.  How does it all get so busy?  Inquiring Jane needs to know!  I do manage to check in and see what everyone has done - so I am ever-so-selfishly still inspired but I have not made a new flannel board set in months. I am grateful for the beautiful work and creativity that is on-going.  Many thanks to the flannelizers out there!  

I had the honor this winter of serving on the Cybils Awards Committee as a finalist judge in the Fiction Picture Book Category.  Very cool experience, educational, thoughtful, and friendly.  I hope I get to do it again.  Click here for application info  Oh, and FYI, I was not the only FF-er serving this year...look who served on the Poetry Committee:
Bridget Wilson, What is Bridget Reading?

Lucky for me...the winning title in the Fiction Picture Book Category also happened to be my current most favorite book.  My thanks to the talented Betsy Bird for keeping us aware of the results of Mock Caldecotts across the nation.  I had a suspicion that this book would be a Caldecott honor or winner and was all set to run with it for Prime Time with Mrs. Breen and Piper (our pajama story time) on ALA's awards announcement day! We read the book in story time and made our craft despite the fact that it was not among the Caldecott winners. (Boo) And then...just when you think you are out of touch with what's what in books...the short list of Cybils finalist landed in my inbox and there was Mr Tiger *be still my heart* looking at me!!  Pure delight.  My task - read the short list, rank the books, defend my reasoning, sit back and read the opinions of other committee members.  Think, re-read, re-write, REPEAT!  

This book touched my heart - it encourages you to be true to you.  Find yourself.  Be yourself.  The message is gentle and at some points silly but not crazy's rather respectful.  I love it. 
Perfect book for story time - there were so many giggles seeing the naked (au naturel) Mr Tiger!

The following is from the Cybils Winners Page:
Fiction Picture Books
Peter Brown
Little, Brown and Co.
Nominated by: Deb Nance at Readerbuzz
Mr. Tiger Goes Wild opens to muted tones of a proper Victorian society of well-mannered animals, living in houses and walking on two legs. Surrounded by an abundance of subdued suits, ties, dresses and tea, the daily hum-drum pushes Mr. Tiger outside the city limits to a place where he can ROAR! But first he undergoes the drama and surprising silliness of life on four legs, a swim in the water fountain and *gasp* a view of his magnificent, naked self. Confident artistic elements start on the decorative endpapers, capitalize on the freedom of double page illustrations, built intensity with the color palette, and combine seamlessly with the lean text of most carefully selected words. With great comedic timing and a light-handed touch on message, Peter Brown has written a clever, compelling invitation to self-discovery.  

Now, one may think that a little black lab would have a difficult time with a Mr Tiger, but not so.  Piper fell in love with this tale and lead the group ROAR!

Newberry, Caldecott and Coretta Scott King awards 2014

P.S. (piper script):  We love awards season!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Jane! You've been missed. FYI, I only had posts during my CYBILS reading because I scheduled them ahead.


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