Friday, May 23, 2014


Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead!

The past 5 weeks have been all about "The Summer Reading Show."  This is an annual event for my library.  We perform 11 shows - one in each of our elementary schools.  We are the cast and crew, but you knew that -children's librarians wear so many hats!

Following a brainstorming meeting in January, "we" write the script.  At the end of April, "we" gather together to ask the Lord's blessing,  meet to review and revise the script.  We do that's our penance. "We" make drawings for the set and the costumes.  "We" create lists of props and send ourselves home to hunt our attics and basements for good stuff.

A couple of visits to Jerry's Artarama and we have our supplies.  Using foam core board, tempera paint, velcro and book tape...we create the set.  Sometimes there are a number of costumes to sew...and sometimes, when "we" are really lucky - there is only one!  (the rest come together from all that good stuff we find or order on-line!  Thank you Disney T-shirts!) 

Here's the one and only ...fancy, dancy.
                                                ..costume this year...a ROBOT...

                                                                                          ....and she's made of felt!

The kids adore her.  She is the first character on stage and the only one who's on stage for the entire show....she's great!  The costume is made of black glitter felt, cut and stitched into a little a-line jumper.  (she wears a silver sweater under the jumper)  Detailing is done with assorted sticky-back foil papers and duct tape.  Battery operated lighting is held in place with black duct tape. The robot has a goggle-eye-look, because I'm sure you can tell - she's a S.T.E.A.M.-Punk Robot!

Our cast of characters:
Two fans of Disney's Frozen, one funky robot, and two totally Steampunk librarian/scientists

And here is the inside of the bookdrop where these rockin' librarian scientist live:

Of course "we" live in the bookdrop.  It's so much bigger on the inside!!

This is a ridiculous amount of work for any library's staff.  But "we"are quite memorable to the kids in town.  Yes, we'll pull out all stops to get you to read this summer!  It's Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead, people!!

P.S.  (Piper Script):  You may like the felt costumes from the show with the Reading Birds!