Friday, May 18, 2012

Reading Birds in Flannel!

Dream Big Reading Birds!

Each year my library presents a summer reading skit in all of the 11 elementary schools in town.  The talented children's team from our Main Library and the two branches come together to brainstorm an original script, music, set design, costumes and props.  We draw, paint, sew, write. re-write, and revise, revise and revise!  Followed by rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! 

This year we are using the National reading theme - Dream Big. know how those naughty green pigs stole the eggs from the Angry Birds?  In our town the naughty Professor Vader, from Green Pig Laboratory, Inc., took the books from the library, and you can just imagine how ANGRY the Reading Birds can be!!  Oh, and Miss Nelson, our trusty Librarian, is Missing! 

The costumes are the collaboration of three crafty librarians!!  Felt and Feathers!  Who knew?

This is part of the scenery, Happy Reading Birds!

P.S.(piper script): maybe next year I can be in the show! or in the scenery!!


  1. How unbelievably AWESOME! I would love to find out more about your skit and how you made the costumes. It sounds amazing! I'll bet your local schools are thrilled to see you each year. :o)

    I love taking characters from books and incorporating them in a skit about reading. We have skit called "Who's the Culprit?" that involves Mother Goose, Old King Cole, the Big Bad Wolf, the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, and the Rabbit from the Tortoise and the Hare. The kids have to vote who they think caused Jack and Jill to fall down the hill. Lol

  2. K! Thank you! I know I am late on providing info for doing a Flannel Fest! Hopefully you can see where all my energy went following the presentation for our library conference. Both Kari Ann and I jumped right into this production. It has been a race...a very good race. The school children are loving the show. YAY! I will email you info on both project soon. :)

  3. What fantastic outfits! I hope your SR is A big success - it should be with such talent and enthusiasm!

    1. LQ,
      we usually have very good participation in our SR. We have three libraries which make us rather accessible. We even have day camp buses that drop kids at the library at 4pm and we do a reading club at that time. We all outreach - I visit a few pre-k camps and a local park. We are totally dedicated to making it a success and reaching kids everywhere.


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