Saturday, August 16, 2014

How to Shark-Week your Library!

Our Royal Sharks-ness!

Shark Week has come to a close but honestly there is an abundance of "sharkness" out there and we have to address it here on Piper Loves the Library...even if Piper is not a fan of sharks.

We have a fantastic Summer Reading Program this year...if I do say so myself!  Students show up faithfully for Maker Monday, Tech Tuesday and Wild Card Wednesday.  Along with our daily theme we have 20-30 minutes of book buddy reading and an art project each day.  We have one more week to go!

We "sharked out" the library.  Take a look!

We had these all around the front of the Circulation Desk

These were on the glass behind the Circulation Desk

Needless to say..the Circulation staff were SHARK BAIT all week!
They were very good sports!

Our library sharks made their mark...

Bookmarks!  for our patrons.  Everyone needs a little shark!

Library sharks don't bite...they pinch!  
(thank you Pinterest, we love this!)

Then there's our video, you don't want to miss it! Click here.

Here are a couple of popular shark books

Everyone wanted this Fly Guy!

And then, my friends, there's this...which is why Piper still isn't shark friendly.  Can't say I blame her. 

Yikes  Land sharks!  Run!!

Thanks for visiting Piper Loves the Library.  You can find more shark-goodness here and here.   My Flannel Friday friends celebrated Shark Week as well...and you's always good to have a friend during shark week.  Check out the Round-up!

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