Thursday, November 13, 2014

Flannel Cupcakes? What?

How to make the cupcakes!

November is full of birthdays!  Today is my brother Bill's big day and at the Library this afternoon we celebrated the birthday of a dear friend and colleague with cake and singing and streamers! You know, "Party Like a Preschooler!" Go Fish!  My little sister celebrates this month, a niece, a nephew and my great niece, Daisy, as well.  Happy, happy, happy!

When I set out to make these cupcakes I discovered I had this chevron scrap-booking paper in my stash.  Yes- it gives the illusion of those little folds in the cupcake paper, I know - it's perfect!  If you're like me - making a trip to the craft store, after I've started a project, is a total bother.   Therefore I advise all flannelizers to pick up felt on sale, buy extra, check out the crafting paper for anything you like and buy it!  You know that if you like it - you will use it at some point.  You will.  

This photo demonstrates just how I made the cupcakes... 

....with camel color felt backing, white felt frosting and yellow felt flame.  I want to be able to put the candles in and take them out so they have their own felted bottoms to stick to the flannel board.

Sometimes Piper's cupcake gets all three candles!  I also want to light the candles and blow them out.  It's all part of the narrative of the birthday story - and you know how the kids love birthdays.  

 Okay, here they are with the candles lit.  So believable!  Don't forget to make a wish!  

Happy Birthday to all the November babies

P.S. (Piper Script): What's your birthday story?  Jane says she doesn't have birthdays anymore!  hmmm? 

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  1. Love the cupcakes! I'm with you on having birthdays...I have an anniversary of my 29th birthday every year! Ha! Congrats on being named the ALSC member of the month!!


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