Friday, March 18, 2016

FableVision Studio/Jane's Bucket List - Check!

FableVision * Create Bravely

In January I visited FableVision.  You know that place...that creative studio place ...owned by authors/illustrators Peter Reynolds and Paul Reynolds.  Their amazing business, studio, think tank, tech space, library, gallery and ah, parlor!  Yeah, that place! I went there.  

Please visit their website FableVision Studio 

And check out Peter Reynolds too!

This incredibly creative duo inspire not only their little corner in New England but the whole world.  I'm beginning to think they leave a trail of glitter inspiration in their travels.   

Does this ever happen to you....when you get to a place you've really wanted to go feel as if you knew what it would be like all along?  I felt at home!  I belonged!  Why wouldn't I?  Look at this book shelf..

 ....friends and family can attest to this is how it looks at my house!  Colleagues tease me...maybe we can display little toys and pictures on the library shelves in front of the picture books.  I have a line up of rubber ducks!  I have a ladder!!  
The FableVision studio has a cute leather chair with an old hairdryer attached. This pink perfection dates from the days of actual Beauty Parlors...not Hair Salons!  I want to sit there with a sketch book while the hum of the hairdryer turns back time...and I can be a "creative" @ FableVision. As usual, I dream big.  It's one of my super powers!  (Don't get me wrong...I am the president of the #Ilovemyjob club!)

What is my journey to #1 fangirl of FableVision story?  Illustrations!  I fell in love with Peter Reynold's illustrations ages ago.  And then, well, his book, The Dot, took it over the top! I mean "we" weren't trending or anything but there was ....some..twitter activity because I tweeted my blog about International Dot Day.

 I've worked in Children's Services in Public and School Libraries for over 28 years.  I'm good with books!  I enjoy meeting authors and illustrators.  And finally, there I was in the studio with about 75 others and the Reynolds brothers!  It was delightful.  Being true to me, I took some pictures.  It's not what most do at a cocktail reception but hey...taking pictures inspires  me to...

 And there it was, on the glass...this poster just calling to me.  Create Bravely, Jane!  Be curious, share, laugh, paint, write, love your family, be kind and yes, always...Create Bravely.  It's like they knew I was coming...well, actually they did!  That's my story!

The event at the FableVision Studio was all about celebrating the recently announced MASS Book Awards.  Authors and their books were honored.  It was also a celebration of 10 years for Fablevision (visit for free fun stuff) and demonstrating their very own super powers the Reynolds brothers brought love, joy and family together to wish happy birthday to their sister, Jane!  Everyone was included in the joy of a family party.  Well done gentlemen.  (and I love your sister's name!)

Children's services will always keep us on our toes with change and growth.  So much to learn, so many people make decisions for us. Sometimes we forget to keep that inner creativity or confidence alive during the challenges.  There are times that I can not let a library book off my desk.  Much like the 3 yr old who would like to hear the same book each night for two weeks I need to keep the book close because it satisfies a need.  Over time I've recognized that these books are providing inspiration to me, inner peace for me, a smile for me.  When times get tough, I grab a picture book and almost shout, "MINE"  "MY BOOK"  
Books written and/or illustrated by Peter Reynolds are frequently on my desk.  Just one at a time.  They make me feel better about this whole big giant world.  

Connect the dots with Peter and Paul Reynolds. Follow the blogs for inspiration.  I hope you have their beautiful books in your library collection.    

Now, see this little person ...I've been drawing a very similar little person for 34 years.  You can tell by the feet, the nose and the hair!   My sister, Dorothy, will tell you #truth.  My heart jumped when I walked into the studio and I knew, for sure,  I was right where I was supposed to be.  My thanks to the Reynolds brothers.

P.S. (Piper Script) Find the beautiful, the kind, the it in your heart and share!  

P.P.S. The brothers are twins, identical twins, and they celebrated their birthday this week.  I didn't know that when I started this post!  Happy Birthday! Connections...what can I say?!

Things we did with The Dot on the flannel board!

Thank you Anne at So Tomorrow for hosting Flannel Friday this week. To learn more about how to participate in the Flannel Friday community, visit their website.

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