Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flannel Friday Circles!

We go round and round and round in the circle game!  Both Kandinsky and Joni Mitchell inspired the creation of these circles.  I love them and their flexibility.

 Soooo many things we can do with these circles.  Each circle has an exact match..but there are many other ways to group them..outer circle color, button color, which ones have pink, count the circles, circles in a get the picture!  

 I like to start the circles in the shape of a square!  We square up the circles!!  Then all the children are welcome to take a circle off the flannel board, and we begin to match.  Some find their match before they return to the flannel board and two children will come up together. Very Cool!  Others take more time, and others just like taking them off and placing them back on!!  I slowly move the circles out of their pairs on the flannel board until I create a BIG...Circle! 
A circle made of circles.  We are approaching genius, and we are preschoolers!!! 
We make circles with our arms and circles with our hands.  We talk about dancing in circles...and then..we pass out the Lakeshore streamers.  Oh, how I love my job!

There are many Circle doubt you have a favorite, this one is mine and the YouTube video is just adorable: Joni Mitchell's Circle Game with Steven Curtis Chapman.  We dance in a circle with streamers.  We are beautiful! 

I have two favorite books to use with the circles - one was recently borrowed by my Starbuck's friend, Rex, with his new library card!

And the other a perfect Spring choice!

Hurray for Flannel Friday pals and the inspiration you bring to my library!

P.S. (Piper Script) will you please do a a flannel post on bouncing balls! (so much better than circles!)

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  1. Incredible amount of FUN!! Love the circles and naturally that leads to bouncing balls. I use the book, Maggie's Ball by Lindsay Barrett George when I do this theme. Gonna have to add the circle activity to my folder! Thanks.


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