Friday, March 16, 2012

Flannel Friday Freaky Monsters!

Once upon a time...a little boy named Eli had a red bedroom...with a big boy bed and two white pillows, a white sheet and a beautiful blue blanket.  Eli loved the color blue.  Eli had a blue shirt, Eli had blue eyes and Eli had a blue blanket!  One night when Eli was not about to go to bed and was indeed rather naughty...something was happening in his bedroom....Monsters!  yes...Four Freaky Monsters! 
 Eeney, an orange fellow with little arms and little legs, one green eye and the very bad habit of screaming EEEEEE!    

Then there was Meaney, an odd shaped monster, with sleepy eyes and a sharp tooth and a pointy tail.  

Next was Miney - he had four arms and always called out "mine, mine, mine!"

And lastly there was Poor Moe.  Moe was green, with three eyes and a mouth shaped like an O.
These Four Freaky Monsters were all over Eli's fact...they were jumping on it...oh no!

Four freaky monsters jumping on the bed, 
one fell off and bumped his head
Momma called the doctor and the doctor said
No more monsters jumping on the bed! 

You all know how this goes...
3 monsters, 2 monsters, 1 monster.  

Now, would their momma let them sleep on the floor with bumped heads?

 No way!
She picked up her monsters, and kissed their heads, tucked them in bed...
and whispered...shhh, Good Night, Sleep Tight...don't let the bedbugs bite!  

good night freaky monsters!
good night Eli!

Piper and I have a new favorite monster book...

Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters by Jane Yolen

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