Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost a Flannel Friday Dinosaur!

I went walking and what did I see?  

DINOSAURS!!  Yes!  Dinosaurs!  We love dinosaurs!  

And we all know this dinosaur...many thanks to Melissa for placing dinosaurs on FF
 so that one day I could make my own flannel dinos!

Prompted by a friend and librarian who called to borrow my dinosaur bucket and my favorite Dinosaur book...I finally sat down to make my flannel dinosaurs. While taping, cutting and pasting - I thought maybe my book and bucket would make a nice post.

Are you ready for dinosaurs?  

Sammy and the Dinosaurs 
by Ian Whybrow

I adore that Sammy keeps his dinosaurs in a bucket.  It makes me think of beaches, and collecting ancient rocks, sea glass and even a bucket of crabs.  My dinosaurs like to play in the sand!

When Sammy first discovers his dinosaurs, in the attic with gran, (so perfect for the character to be the grandmother!), he takes them to the library to learn their names!  (isn't this the best?!)

He reads a book to discover the name of each dinosaur!

Inspired by this beautiful book I found myself a yellow beach bucket and collected some old dinosaurs, just like Sammy.  After we read the book in story time we do a story with all the old dinosaurs. 
 Here's my bucket:

I went walking, in West Hartford, and what did I see?
I saw a ...... (pick one out of the bucket and let kids guess), brontosaurus following me!

(The book is magical...doing this is almost as good!)

I went walking, right here in West Hartford, and what did I see?
I saw a triceratops following me!

I went walking, right here in West Hartford, and what did I see?
I saw a spinosaurus following me!

And a saltasaurus

and the baby T-rex

and ....ut-oh....

who wants to come out of the bucket?  

The Daddy T-Rex, he's big...

I think he's hungry...

RUN!  Dinosaurs!  RUN!
Back to the bucket!


Everybody climb in.

Oh no!  Jump!

Hmmm, still hungry?  Maybe we could go out for a burger?  Good idea!

Whew!  Good Night Dinosaurs! 

Time for me to get back to my felt and make more dinosaurs for the flannel board.  

p.s.  (Piper Script)  I like the felt dinosaurs best!  They are soft and I can sleep with them. 


  1. My, those dinosaurs are fearsome! As I was reading your post I realised that we have this series of books in the UK too, but they are called HARRY and the bucket of dinosaurs. Funny that they needed to be different, don't you think?

    1. LQ, are the illustrations the same? Adrian Reynolds is the illustrator in my copy, Orchard Books is the publisher. The author lives in Herefordshire and the illustrator was born in Castel-Nedd,South Wales. Your side of the pond! I bet Harry has a different publisher!

  2. Oooooh, I LOVE your posts! The pictures really bring your walk to life for me. I am sure your storytime friends will have a blast each time you do this story. My mind is racing with other ideas for how to tweak your "bucket walk" storyline for other topics and creatures. :o) I can't wait to try it out with my storytime friends.

    Love your creativity! Thanks for sharing!

    1. K ~ when I first came up with doing the bucket my colleagues did the same thing you are doing...oh, farm animals, oh..night animals, oh oh oh!! And I love it because I had only realized dinosaurs, so they opened my eyes!! This is what is so great about the sharing of ideas on FF.

  3. How cute! Thanks for sharing. I have to do 3 dinosaur themed storytimes to about 150 kids. I am so using this idea!!

    1. Donnaquilt! have a is so easy and so perfect. The kids love it. Knowing the dinosaurs and learning new ones is so funny - the comments from the children just make me giggle

  4. How cute! I have to do a total of 3 story times this summer to about 150 kids total. I am so using this idea!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love it! I love dinosaurs and have been saving one of my old dino books to share with Eli (and Daisy). xo

  6. CateyG! did you see the dinosaur marching song on the "We are the Dinosaurs" post? There is a link on the the YouTube is the cutest song. We did it last night in story time, big success. Yay for dinosaurs! Always a popular theme in programs.


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