Friday, June 15, 2012

Little Mouse, Little Mouse!

Classic Flannel Board, with a twist!

Little Mouse has ventured into houses all across the world!  Numbered houses, silly houses, multi-colored houses, almost identical houses - children chant the words, sing the words, change the words - but before the story is done...the missing mouse is always found!  I was inspired by Flannel Friday Friends to create my own version of this classic tale/tail!!  I've used it in story times and discovered that my colleague Kari Ann was ever so right when she said..."you can hide anything in the brown house...they never pick that one!"  I always let his tail stick out and they still don't pick the brown house!

I was thinking this week that Little Mouse could easily be "Daddy Mouse" and we have sent him looking for his father's day gift!  We have hidden the gift in a house...but which house? Daddy Mouse is searching all the houses!   But hold on...I am getting a little ahead of myself!

Once upon a time a pretty little girl, named Taylor A. Mouse, lived in a pink house with her mommy and her daddy.   Mommy Mouse and Taylor A. Mouse made a special cupcake for Daddy Mouse because it was Father's Day.  A day to celebrate all the dads!!!  Yay for Dads!

Taylor hid the cupcake in a house in her neighborhood.  Hmmm, which house?  
Daddy has gone in search of his cupcake...let's see where he is..

(pretty fancy neighborhood!  no zoning!) 

And so we ask..all together...

Daddy Mouse, Daddy Mouse
 are you in the Green house?

nope!  Daddy Mouse is not in the green house!

Daddy Mouse, Daddy Mouse
are you in the pirate house?

no, Daddy Mouse is not in the pirate house!

Daddy Mouse, Daddy Mouse
are you in the brown house?

Not there!  (not today)

Daddy Mouse, Daddy Mouse
are you in the gingerbread house?

Daddy Mouse is not in the gingerbread house!

Where oh where is Daddy Mouse and did he find his special cupcake?

Daddy Mouse, Daddy Mouse
are you in the orange house?

Daddy Mouse is not in the orange house.
Taylor is worried, where is Daddy Mouse?  Maybe in the blue house?
Look carefully..

Oh, let's call together...
Daddy Mouse, Daddy Mouse
are you in the blue house?

YES!  We found Daddy Mouse!
with his cupcake and fancy bow tie!  
Daddy is Fancy!  

Happy Father's Day Daddy
with love from Taylor xo

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies everywhere!

P.S. (piper script) Piper has a few things to add today!
        Piper says:
1. Don't let the Pigeon in the pirate house!
(Piper always places the Pigeon in the pirate house!!)

 2. Add some photos that children will recognize - Cinderella's Castle house!
...just imagine all the ideas!  And Mickey can be your mouse!  

3.When we do this story at the library it looks like this on the flannel board.


  1. Your houses are fabulous, and I love that you hide something that doesn't belong behind one. Thank you for the tip about the brown house.

  2. I am in LOVE with this adorable set! Daddy mouse is so debonair! I adapted this idea for Mother's day but I want to eventually make a set like yours for FUN and Father's day! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks Kathryn. I'm so glad you commented. I had not thought of doing this for Mother's Day...but yes, I can :) I'm going to go check yours out now. ~ jane


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