Friday, September 28, 2012

I am not afraid of anything!

The little old lady...

     ...should have brought her flashlight along with her!  
We use flashlights in story time with this book.  You know the part, when the little old lady starts to head home and there is only a sliver of moon - we turn off the's scary!  It's fun!  It's scary fun!!  We all have our flashlights, thank goodness!

This is another one of the old flannel board stories that I've pulled out for Fall.  The little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything written by Linda Williams is an absolutely fail proof story.  

These flannel board  pieces were created while my daughter swam laps at swim team practice.  I knew I needed a story for the next day's program...I had a manilla folder with me and some colored pencils.  I drew on the folder, colored with pencils, cut and then I placed sand paper on the back side when we got home.  This was new to me - using sand paper instead of felt.  (this was also 18 years ago!)  

I love this story and I still love these pieces.  

Two shoes that went: CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP

One pair of pants that went: WIGGLE, WIGGLE, WIGGLE

One Shirt that went:  SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE

Two white gloves that went: CLAP, CLAP, CLAP
And one tall black hat the went: NOD, NOD, NOD


one very huge, very scary, very orange pumpkin head that went:


And when we get to the end of the story...this is how our pieces look:

Click here for the story read by Shelly Lovett at

For those of you who follow Piperlovesthelibrary.... let me ask - who knew that my flannel board stories would serve as markers in my life, markers full of memories?  Who knew this?  I didn't!  Last week when I posted my This Old Man pieces I had a flash of the Ref Desk at the Farmington Library and my colleague Trish.  And when I snapped the photos for this post...all I could think of was the Westbrook YMCA, my daughter and her friend Caroline swimming.  I find it both funny and heartwarming that my flannel board pieces made on the road, on a desk, in a car, on a plane...on the beach...hold more than the story from the book.  They hold my place in time, with my family and friends, houses and dogs and cats.  This is a good thing, (Martha Stewart)!  

Now, as I continue to craft flannel  into stories I may be more aware that I am logging memories, (or not).  I still travel with flannel and scissors in my book bag most days.  And I laugh to see that I must have 4 manilla file folders in my bag as well!  Tomorrow I will be in NYC for KidLit at the New York Public Library.  I suppose if anyone needs a quick flannel board story - I can draw it out for them on the folder and provide flannel for the backing.  I have proof that the pieces will last at least 18 years.  

p.s. (piper script) I am saying Good Night for Piper.  But we are wondering - Do you love this book as much as we do?  How do you tell the story of The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything?  


  1. Gorgeous! This Is my absolute, all-time favorite Fall book! I often do it live-action ~ me as the Little Old Lady and a volunteer as the Scarecrow. We found the perfect pumpkin mask about 8 years ago. So cool!

    I start by welcoming the children to my woods and then I talk about my daily walks to find herbs and nuts. I describe my last walk where I stumbled across a lovely building full of books. (The children all yell, "It's the library!" ) Well ~ Lo abd behold, inside that building full of books, I found a book about ME! Have you ever found a book about you at the library? If you keep looking you will find one. Here is my book.

    And off we go on a wonderfully interactive adventure with lots of shake shakes and wiggle wiggles. :O)

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful flannel pieces. I am in awe of your talent! But especially thank you for sharing your memories ~ I smiled through my tears as I read them ~ so heartwarming and beautiful!

    Take care!
    ~ K ~

    1. K~
      Thank you for commenting. I smile when I see that you have visited the blog and left a response.

      This is the best book. I admire your live-acting skills. Impressive! Do you have a theatre back ground? You do fabulous presentatins with your story time kids.

      I was so surprised about the memory awakening moments. Maybe part of it is just getting older. Actually - it must be the blogging. This is great! A Sunday night A-ha moment. <3 ~ jane

  2. I wish I were going to Kidlit Con, just so you could draw me a flannel board. Maybe next year!

    1. Anne - KidLit Con was wonderful and inspiring! I don't know where it will be next year - I just know I would like to attend again!

  3. This is one of my favourite stories too. Years ago I made up my felt pieces to use to tell the story. Last year I made these box props for the families to use when retelling the story.
    The little ones like building him and knocking him down.

    1. This is a great idea. I never thought of box props. You have opened my eyes and so many ideas are racing through my mind now. Thank you.

  4. I'm YA now, not children's, but I used to love doing this book in the fall.

    More to the point, though, I know exactly what you mean about the memories behind the felt pieces. Very often I remember exactly what movies or TV shows I was watching while I cut and decorated felt pieces at home. I still have all my felt stories as I made them on my own time with my own supplies, but I'm working up the courage to donate them to my new library. If I ever leave YA (highly doubtful!), I'm heading to adult, not children's.

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  6. Hi Jane,

    Would it be possible for you to send me an electronic copy of your wonderful drawings. Our Friends of the Hantsport Public Library are sponsoring a ghost writing contest. The winners are going to read their stories next Friday night, the 17th. We are also going to read this book and another Halloween story to the children. I want to attach each of the scarecrow pieces to sticks so different children in the audience can help me "tell" the story. Then one of our "friends" will appear at the end in full scarecrow garb.
    I love your drawings, Jane and of course Piper :)

    Thank you!

    Lois (Would it be possible to make them big enough to fit 1 per page? This might be easier for the children to see.)

    1. Lois, I will do this tomorrow from the library. I'm flattered! Have fun with your special night. ~ jane


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