Monday, October 1, 2012

Banned Bookface and more!

 is banned books week, a time when most librarians celebrate and defend  the FREADOM of reading whatever you want to read. "Whatever!"  I am not usually a fan of that word, but it works this week and in this situation.  

I can't imagine being told as a high school student that I can not read a certain book.  This would be similar to your parents forbidding you from dating a certain boy...and of go right out and do it.   Read.  Date.  Whatever.   

We put up a banned and challenged book display in the library and I had to include the currently challenged title: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  The entire series is challenged.   And maybe that is part of the reason why this series is so popular.  It would be interesting to speak with Suzanne Collins, the author, to get her perspective on this.  Do you think she receives nasty letters from people?  I love the book and the series - that's my perspective - whatever!  (maybe I do like this word)

With or without intention my high school assigned many of the books that were challenged or banned...Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Catcher in the Rye, Call of the Wild, Lord of the Flies.  We read Ray Bradbury and I am sure we would have read Lauren Myracle if her books were published back in the "olden days" of the late sixties - early seventies! (whatever - age is just a number!)

I read Banned Books, do you?  
Do you know this one, this lovely and loving picture book?

And doesn't it look awful stamped Banned?  This book is based on a true story.  Do we ban mother nature.  Okay, I won't go there.  

You will most likely find this book in your public library....check-it-out.  I will say no more about it except that: I love it...but, you know...whatever!  

Now, some of my wonderful and supportive blog readers have sent photos for Bookface, (my new mini-series on the blog)  I will state this disclaimer right up front - they had no idea that I would be blogging Banned Books Week when they sent their photos...but sometimes things align perfectly.  A ninth grader is reading a novel by the forever famous Jack London who just happened to write books that would be banned.  I doubt that was his goal, (even if he was quite a social activist) - possibly he wanted to get readers to think and feel.  With great applause for this reader's's today's first Bookface:

White Fang, an American Classic
Click HERE to visit the author's page on Amazon.  Learn more about Jack London and his books.  

and now, for the more peaceful path.... Bookface continues with: 

We love this book in the library.  If you have a preschooler who adores big trucks and construction   sites - this is the book to pick up from the library or purchase for a holiday gift.  

An end of summer, early fall, must read if your little one is off to Kindergarten!
Pick it up in the library or purchase when someone completes preschool.

Now honestly who doesn't love bears?  This book just arrived at my library and I am saving it for a Bear themed Pajama Story Time.  Bears!  Baby Bears!  Blue!  The letter B.  

Mo Willems writes amazing, sassy, funny books for kids and their parents!  I suppose I should check to see if any of his titles have been challenged.  He could easily be tempting fate with his sense of humor.  Piper and I adore this book from the popular Pigeon series.  You really should visit your library's website and place a hold on this book.  Seriously.  And then go get some cookies!  (oatmeal, thanks for asking!)

Bookface continues!  And I adore that you send me photos. Thank you.   Please keep them coming :)   And feel free to comment!

But today, I am curious about Banned you have a favorite that has been banned?  Will you read a banned book this week - just because you can?  I will be featuring some in story time tonight.  I am thinking that Curious George may be part of tonight's story time.  It drives me a little bit crazy when my favorite monkey is challenged.  Please let me know - I look forward to reading your comments. 

If you are interested in Banned Books Week please visit the American Library Association by clicking here

....and then let us know what you're thinking about!  

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