Friday, October 19, 2012

Black Cat, Black Cat

What do you see?

Welcome to Piper Loves the Library as we approach Halloween.  Today's post started with the creation of a craft.... that was inspired by a Flannel Friday comment two weeks ago.  I am so sorry that I do not remember who mentioned that for Halloween stories they do" Black Cat, Black Cat, what do you see?"  You're brilliant!  You turned the light on to hundreds of possibilities for me...Butterfly, Butterfly what do you see?  Unicorn, Unicorn, what do you see?!!  Honestly - brilliant!!  Thank you.   

So I made  a black cat puppet. It is a paper cat on-a-paint-stirrer-puppet!  It does indeed resemble Pete the Cat.  Pete's popularity continues to grow ...just about everywhere!  Piper and I love Pete and we will be reading one of Eric Litwin's Pete the Cat books this coming Monday night for pajama story time.  And we'll make this craft. 

Here's a photo of the back of the paper puppet,  taped with painters tape, (have I mentioned that I have a Sherwin Williams Paint Store next door to the library?)

I knew right away that this cool cat needed to be made again, and this time with felt!  So here is the flannel board version:

I just love him!!

Now, I have absolutely no idea why I decided that everything the black cat would see should begin with the letter S but something sparked this in my brain!!  Why S?  Not a clue!  I only know that I didn't want to make this black cat Halloween exclusive. (yet I guess I was thinking seasonal stuff!!)

Black Cat, Black Cat what did you see? 
I saw a snake looking at me!

a squirrel

and...a spider!  

I am looking forward to the craft...we make our share of paint-stirrer-stick puppets in Pajama Story Time but this one feels extra special to me.  I think this black cat's personality is a combination of Pete the Cat and The Pigeon.  Really!  Take a look!

Hey!  How about we read a book?

Or maybe bake?  Look, a lemon bar recipe.  I like lemon bars.

and we could sit on the couch and read about Daisy while they bake.  

Wait!  Are you drinking chai?  

Are you taking a break without me?

Do you have a lemon bar in your mouth???

Help your children build their story telling, narrative skills.  Get out your smart phone, take some photos and have some fun!  They can review the pics and tell the story over and over!  (to daddy, to grammy, to auntie Dorothy) 

Please do not let Piper know that this happened at home today.  She will be sad.  


  1. I love it. My son loves Pete the Cat and flanneling (go figure) so we may make this at home!

  2. Oh, Courtney! We had so much fun in story time. The kids did a great job with their cats. I decided to have them use white crayons for drawing the whiskers - it was a large group, made it a little easier. I read Pete - Loves his white shoes. I went on line with Harper Collins to be sure I could sing the song! Too funny. The songs, the books and crafts are all there. ~ jane

  3. I do Music Enrichment with preschool children. This is a great idea with black cat. I was looking for an idea to do a letter of the week at my music classes. This would be perfect. I sing the Brown Bear Book to the tune of Baa, Baa Black Sheep and it's one of the children's favorites!


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