Friday, April 26, 2013

Flannel Friday Popsicle Kid!

Popsicle Kid!  

He's just so darn happy!  Spring, popsicles & CLA 2013!
We're smiling here!

It's time for the Connecticut Library Association 's annual conference and this kid's coming with me.  Yep!  And check this out:  He eats the popsicles!  Yum, lemon!!  Hey, did my tongue turn yellow?  

hmmm, let's try blue, what flavor is that?

oh wait!  I like lime...which color is lime?

I made a bag of extra tongues, (sounds bizarre but it isn't) so all the kiddos can place 
the color they like best onto the flannel board.

This little guy has been waiting to be flannelized for some time now.  I found him here with Storytime Katie although it appears his home is here with Cate at Storytiming and she has a pattern.  Now he's a friend of Piper's and she "called" the pink popsicle.  So, this kid's saving that one for her.  Sharing is good.  There is a lot of sharing on Flannel Friday. If you work with children - getting to know Flannel Friday will place a great big grin on your face!

Flannel Friday is the best source for flannel story inspiration.  The members are supportive, creative, helpful, and caring.  You should follow, or better yet,  join - Start here!

P.S. (Piper Script)  Here are a few libraries I would like to see.  Road trip?  I call a window seat!


  1. This is such a fun idea. I want to make one with funny food, maybe a bumpy green tongue for those of us who adore pickles!

    1. Oh yes!! Do it. I can already see the tongue that looks like a banana, whoa - chocolate chip ice cream!

  2. Jane, your posts always put a great big grin on my face! They sometimes make me laugh out loud :)
    Is there a rhyme or game that you use with the Popsicle Kid?

    Great idea Miss Courtney. I hope you blog about it - I'd love to see what you come up with :)

    1. Thank you Amanda! I don't have a rhyme yet. He's a free flying kinda popsicle kid... just going with colors and flavors for the conference. Oh and maybe Spanish and English :)

  3. Aaaw! That little guy is adorable! He is going to have to join my summer storytimes! Think I'll make him a little girl friend or two. And another little boy friend, as well. He looks like he needs some smiling, happy, colorfully-tongued friends to share all those popsicles with.

    Thanks for the THREE shares this week.
    You are beyond awesome!
    ~ K ~

    1. Thank you K <3
      Yes, a few friends, racially and ethnically diverse would be outstanding in my neighborhood. Oh, thanks for tweaking this idea. This is reminding me of a song..I'll need to go look for it. I think the title might be "we all laugh in the same language" It would be cute with smiling kids on the flannel board.
      For my FF friends - FYI: when K posts this on her blog, I bet she will have created a rhyme!! Yay! And that will be perfect. ~ jane


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