Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I do all my own Library stunts!

Organizing for the Flannel Panel   

Next week I'm headed to the Connecticut Library Association Conference to rock and roll with two of my favorite librarians, Kari Ann St Jean and Heather Baker.
We're presenting The Flannel Panel!

A little history on these two:  Kari Ann has moved on from my library system to be a department head in a neighboring town library, (so happy for sad for me), and the inimitable Heather Baker is just a few towns away.  Heather is a super-brain Head of Children's Dept. librarian.  She is one of the smartest people I know.  Both of these women give generously to their communities, their staff and the collaborative development of librarians in Connecticut and everywhere.  If you come - they will teach, share, assist, provide and make you laugh.  There is a kindness in these women that you don't find just anywhere. And thank heavens they have my back next week!!

(kari ann & jane) 

We've planned to display some of our flannel pieces and this year I made a little heading for our foam core display boards.  Oh how we love Amelia Bedelia (check out last years display boards)                                                                
                                                                                                                              (heather & jane)                                                                                                             

A thirty minute magical, fantastical, all-out-flannel story time will precede the 25 minute Q & A.  We are presenting at the end of the day which will allow us to stay longer if anyone wishes to stay. The panel will provide great tips and how-to's, behind-the-scenes flannel secrets, why magnets help, when to use cardboard, felt-in-a-box, felt-on-a-paint-stirrer, sunshines-on-sticks, the best easel and so much more.  We'll tie-in to the summer reading theme, (Dig into Reading), and present stories in-line with the Common Core SS and Every Child Ready to Read. Our hope is that you will go home with all the words and wisdom to confidently tell your own fantastical flannel stories, songs and rhymes.

There'll be guerrilla flannel tales for your entertainment if: A) you stay long enough and  B) we get Heather going.  This alone is worth the price of admission!
Some of my friends needed to get spiffed up before heading out to CLA.  
needed a stiff felt backing

needed stiff felt backs and some pizzaz

And Pete, 
well...he got new buttons
Pretty Groovy, eh?

Join us at CLA on April 30th -you know you want to!  
And then you can say....I went to the Flannel Panel because I FELT like it!

p.s. I've discovered that in the process of determining what to do, bring, share and present for the conference I overload myself with creative, inspiring new and sometimes old ideas.  Research is wonderful!  I love learning.  This prep work motivates many new ideas.  It's falling in love with my career all over again - you know...that seductive tug - just one more click, and I link to one more idea or pinterest page, or a Flannel Friday friend's blog post and NOW ...I want to include that in the presentation.   Heather is so in love with this process...she thinks it a good idea to be in "presenter-prep-mode permenantly".  In case I didn't tell you, she's younger and very high energy!  Today I am loading two easels into my car and picking up printed hand-outs, pinning my flannel pieces to my display know how it goes.  Just remember...I do all my own library stunts!!!  Oh, and what should I wear to the conference?


  1. Looks like it will be a super presentation!

  2. Good luck! I wish I could attend (too many states away).

  3. Oooooooooh! I already gushed all over a different post on your blog this morning so I'll try to contain myself on this one. But ~ just so you know ~ I really, really want to gush some more!!!

    I won't even say, "Good luck!" because i know in my heart that you don't need luck. You've got passion and creativity ~ that is absolutely ALL you need! So I'll say, "Have fun!" instead. ;o)

    Would love to touch base by email because I have been asked to do a make-n-take flannel presentation for EC teachers in my area. I would love a little advice!

    Thank you for being you and sharing yourself with us, Jane!
    ~ K~

  4. K,
    following the conference we can touch base. Are you on FB? Just in-box message me, Jane Breen, with your email and/or phone and I will get in touch. ~ jane


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