Friday, August 9, 2013

My Flannel Friends! 
       (have mustaches!)

Flannel Friday rocks my week!  I look forward to connecting with my virtual friends, my partners-in-felt, librarians, moms and fellow educators each week for inspiration.  I thank you all for this creative collaboration.  AMEN

Beyond Flannel Friday we have flannel friends live and in person.  And that's just the best.  Truth be told - when my crafty colleague Kari Ann accepted a new position...I was sad and happy, (and sad again)  But ...I was grumpy when some of my wild and crazy friends, virtual and otherwise, (hmmm) attended ALA and got together...' the song says..."the more we get together the happier we'll be!"  I want more... I want happier!  And it is all about me!

So here we are a'flanneling!  Happy!  Happy!  Making our flannel pieces...sporting our flannel mustaches.  Everyone knows that this is what you do with left over stiffened felt, right?  Make mustaches!  Here's a link for templates - Craftzee.  (great place!)  Just cut off the points on the skinny ka-bob skewers  or better yet, use a chop stick, with a couple of pre-made glue dots - and you're lookin' good!  So get on that Clip-Clop horse, "pardner," and mosey on over to Connecticut!  

It must be time for another workshop and some silly mustaches!  Sunglasses are optional yet very "smart" in the fashion world or... for your secret identity!  

P.S. (Piper Script)  Do you have a favorite flannel board?  This is ours. We'd love to hear what you're using.  


  1. Thanks for so many great Beyond the Book sessions! Happy flanneling 😊

    1. Shelly, thanks for commenting. it was a pleasure to meet you. Hope you got your flannel board assembled. I think you'll love it. ~ jane

  2. Librarians are such much fun! Mustache on, ladies....

    1. Oh Miss Tara - I may have to quote you on that one..."Mustache on, ladies!"


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