Saturday, August 31, 2013

Oh Dear! Flannel Friday is here!

Oh Dear! 

As the Fall story time session approaches I start organizing the farm books, puppets and flannels. My favorite book for the season, hands down, is Rod Campbell's Oh Dear.  The drama is just waiting for us ...right inside the cover.  But we do need a tad bit of rehearsal.  (a-hem!)  Now please follow along...extend one arm a bit with your palm open and bring it up to your cheek while you dramatically lament..."oh dear" and now shrug your shoulders with both elbows bent and palms facing up (that "I don't know the answer" move) and say "no eggs here"  You can always shake your head no for additional dramatic play

Okay, we're almost ready!  I show the book and explain some background information with hopes of making connections.   In this story a little boy is going to sleep over at his grandmother's house. Do you have a grandmother?  Does she come to your house?  Do you go to her house?  This grandmother lives on a farm...have you been to a farm?  What does it look like?  When the little boy and his grandmother awaken in the early morning she sends the little boy to look for eggs to eat for breakfast.  Do you like eggs?  Do you eat them scrambled?  Would you like to help this little boy find eggs?  Okay, let's do this.    

Once upon a time, a little boy named Buster sleeps over at his grandmother's house.  In the morning he heads out the door to find eggs for breakfast.  He heads straight to the BARN where he finds the ...hmm, what animal does he find in the BARN?  Can you guess?  Let me see ...

Oh yes, the COW...what sound does she make?  Right,  MOOO  MOOO.
  Does she have eggs for Buster's breakfast?   No she doesn't.
  What does Buster say?  OH DEAR, NO EGGS HERE.  
Let's say that again using our hand motions.  You got it!

Next Buster goes to the STY.  Who lives in a STY?  Will you guess?  

You're right!  The pig!  What sound does he make?  OINK OINK!  
Does the pig have eggs for Buster's breakfast?

Next Buster goes to the dog house.  Who lives in a dog house?  Do you know?

Of course, the dog!
Does the dog have eggs for Buster's breakfast?  

Next Buster goes to the stable.  Who lives in a stable?  

Oh my, you are so smart.  You're right - the horse!
What does the horse say?
Does this horse have eggs for Buster's breakfast? 

Next Buster goes to the HUTCH.  Who lives in a HUTCH?

A bunny lives in a hutch!
Does this bunny have eggs for Buster?

Where will Buster go next?

Let's see first he went to the BARN
(practice your sequencing skills!) 
Then he went to the STY
Next he went to the DOG HOUSE
After that he went to the STABLE
And then to the HUTCH

And finally he will go to the HEN HOUSE!
Who lives in the HEN HOUSE?  

(of course they all know by now! Thank heavens!)
Could it be?
Do you think?
Do we see... a HEN????

Hmmm, does she have eggs for Buster's breakfast?

What do you think?


Yes! The hen has two eggs for Buster's breakfast!


We skipped a few of the animals from the story. I intentionally leave out the duck because some of the little ones know that ducks lay eggs and the story takes a detour. I avoid that.
And it appears our sheep has gone missing ...I think she's serving double duty 
and is with Mary, (had a little lamb) right now!

And NEXT...we have the shaker eggs!  Of course!  And it's confirmed already that we all love Miss Nina and her shaker eggs. Click it!   You will not regret that click!  She's a doll!  So shake it on baby...with your shaker eggs.

P.S. (Piper Script)  I love dancing with the shaker eggs!  

These flannels were made the old school way, back in the "olden days".  I drew them, colored them with crayon and marker, laminated them and added flannel to the backs.  Oh - the two eggs are made from tan foam and I have tons of them so everyone can place an egg on the flannel board.    


  1. Oh, I want to make a set of these! I LOVE this. I don't know this book, but I'm going to get one!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I don't know this one either, but I'm adding it to my list. Thanks for sharing. I love the adding the Hen puppet and the shakers. =)


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