Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Gifts on Flannel Friday

Christmas Presents for Little Mouse and Me

You do know how it goes on Christmas Eve, "...all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse"  But here at Piper loves the Library, the mouse is stirring!  I spy, with my little eye, a brown mouse!  Do you see him?  He's very excited about the glittery gifts!  I think we should tiptoe closer and sneak a peak.  Shhhh...very quiet everyone, shhhhh

Four Christmas presents underneath the tree
Four Christmas presents for little mouse and me

Oh my goodness, what can they be?
Shhhhhh, let's open one to see.

Three Christmas presents underneath the tree.....

Two Christmas presents ....

One Christmas present underneath the tree
One Christmas present for little mouse and me

Oh my goodness, What can it be?
Shhhhh...let's open it to see.

Cupcakes!  Shhhhh! A box of holiday cupcakes?  
Christmas is for sharing.  Let's eat!

Keep Calm
cupcake on

(That's ^ not part of the rhyme!) 

Opening presents is so much fun!  The drama here is almost as good as "little mouse and the house".  No doubt the holiday season adds to the excitement for the kids.  And you know me - I have to make them guess...what do you think is in the box?  Shhh, quietly, remember - everyone is sleeping!  Who likes cheese....shhh...whisper!!  Kids love to shush.  I've heard that librarians do as well.

Construction: I wrapped medium card stock with Christmas paper.  I did the box tops separately in order to open and close the boxes. And I made simple little felt pom poms on top to be festive.  All pieces are backed with flannel.  The cupcakes, monkeys and frogs are pre-made from Michaels.  I made the mouse  (used an old Mouse Paint/mouse pattern from one of my favorite librarian friends, Heather Baker) and I crafted the cheese free hand! 

We wish you Happy Holidays and lots of cupcakes!

P.S. (Piper Script): Jane loves cupcakes!  I love the library!  Just sayin'

Bridget is hosting Flannel Friday this week.  If you'd like to learn more about Flannel Friday just click.  Thanks for reading.  We love libraries, books, kids, cupcakes and comments!  

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