Friday, December 19, 2014

Disney's Frozen in the Library

Disney's Frozen - The Sing-Along Edition
on a Starry Night!

Our Library kids made stars and even more stars over the past couple of weeks.  We put many of them together on a glass wall in the shape of pine tree.  A rather fat pine tree!

Trees have been our "thing" this season. 

 Monday December 15th, was a magical night at the library.  We hosted the sing-along edition of Disney's Frozen and the first to arrive were some of our very own neighborhood stars dressed as Elsa and Anna.  Take a look!

I think we had 6 Elsas, 3 Annas, 2 Svens and one Olaf!  Check out my apron!  It was the easiest thing I could do and the photos with the kids were cute.  The funny thing about our Family Film night - the children were ALL GIRLS!  We had some dads, (God bless 'em) and plenty of moms, (bravo) but no boys.  What?  Boys don't sing?  Kristof's not the star of the show?  What?  

The night was full of singing and dancing with twirly ribbons.  The bouncing snowflake on the screen helped all of the adults with the songs.  The girls knew them by heart.  They knew most of the dialogue as well.  Too funny.

Our program room was set up with all of our Frozen books and lots of winter themed books.  We offered white powdered sugar donuts as families arrived and we took a very short intermission for ice cream sandwiches! You know - frozen sandwiches! 

We had 64 people sign up to attend Frozen but just 38 attended. The weeks before Christmas are very busy.  May need to re-think a December family film.  Our Main Library is showing Frozen during the Holiday Break in the daytime - probably a better idea.  We'll see.  

This stunning Elsa and her little sister were the last to leave.  I snapped the photo, got a hug and they skated away!  (you in the movie...they skated away!)

P.S. (Piper Script): We've got a Saturday craft ready to roll - more trees!  Birch trees in the snow..with tissue paper snowflakes!  We're working on "ours" right now...where's the tissue paper?  

Stay warm, leave a comment!

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