Sunday, February 1, 2015

Planning with Pigeon

So this happened today!

The Pigeon!  Need I say more?  Mo Willem's character, The Pigeon, and I have been collaborating on plans for Take Your Child to the Library Day on February 7th.  

We have some great fun planned for our community.  But with all the snow here in New England and all the work we have to do... the Pigeon has been perching, squatting, hanging at my house.  

So I told him today that he needed to make the bed before we went out.
Yo, Pigeon, we need to clean up a bit and make our beds today.

Yes, I'm talking to you.
It's time to make the bed...please....!

What's that?

You don't know how to make the bed?  
Come on...just give it a try.

What now?

You thought and thought and thought about it
and you still don't know how to make the bed?

Okay, I'll help

Please just stay right there and then we'll head out to the grocery store.  
More snow is coming tonight.

Pigeon...Pigeon...hey dude...where are you?  It's time to go...

PIGEON?  NOOOooooo......

P.S.(Piper Script): All's well now. They're watching the Super Bowl...Jane's picked the Pats and Pigeon is cheering for the SeaHawks, of course!  Birds of a feather...and all that! 

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  1. Jane, you always make me smile!! Hope you, Piper, and Pigeon had an awesome "Take Your Child to the Library Day" :)


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