Friday, January 30, 2015

Flannel Friday Missing Duck - Yikes!!

Little Duck, Little Duck....
               where are you Little Duck??

Whew!  Here he is.  And he's ready to play.  That's my guy!  And I have something he loves today...TRUCKS!  Yep!  Big beautiful trucks.  So cool.  Honestly, what little guy doesn't love trucks?  And these are the trucks from Tip Tip Dig Dig by Emma Garcia, one of our favorite books.

Little Duck, please go check out the trucks.  We brought them here for you.  Yellow, green, orange, purple and blue.  

This new "take" on Little Mouse, Little Mouse comes from Erin, who posted about a fox in a box last week and made mention of ducks in trucks. Please visit Erin's creative blog post.  And thank you Erin because I actually had all the pieces to do this...already made.  I owe ya, girl! 

Adhering to Piper's rules of full disclosure...because we all know that almost 3 yr olds will always blab tell the truth:  the little duck is truly a gosling.  He's part of my set of Oliver Dunrea's characters, Gossie and Friends. 

Hey, wait a minute...where's Little Duck?  Ut-oh!  Where did he go??  Do you know?

Little Duck, Little Duck,
Are you in the blue truck?

Not there

Little Duck, Little Duck,
Are you in the purple truck?


Little Duck, Little Duck,
Are you in the Orange Truck?

Little Duck...are you in that orange truck??
We think you are....

Yes!  We found you in the orange truck.  Yay!

This game has been a hit for as long as I can remember.  It is often the flannel I suggest as a first flannel when someone wants to take a ride on the flannel story telling street.   A simple rhyme with mouse/house, cat/hat, fox/box, duck/truck ... and the kids do indeed love the anticipation of finding the missing character.  Everyone wins with this flannel.  Go ahead...take a spin!  

P.S. (Piper Script): I still love the pirate house and mouse best!!

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