Friday, May 15, 2015


Every Hero Has A Story
and a city!

They're back - Summer Reading Programs and The Summer Reading Show!  

It's that time of year!  Libraries across the country are ready to roll out summer reading programs.  In our town - this is a production.  Seriously.  We create a script, make a set, sew costumes, seek out props, pull together music and take our summer reading show on the road - to all eleven elementary schools!  We are a traveling troupe of children's librarians and more!  
You see that city up there?  We built that city..on rock and roll! (Now if you don't understand that reference you are just too young!) We actually ordered our city on-line and it arrived looking like this:

We create our set with foam core board - it's light weight.  When you set it up and break it down in all of those eleven schools, weight matters.   Our incredible IT department worked to make that giant screen part of this year's show.  (We were thinking TED Talks all the way back in January and they made it happen for us!)  We transport the giant portable screen and the incredible sound system along with a "tech" from IT to all of those schools.  We borrow a van from "the Town". You see, it takes a village and that's the way it should be!  

We join forces to find supplies, paint, and eat!

Super-sized fries, anyone? 

Every Hero Has A Story, the national summer reading theme, inspired our very own story about Heroes Headquarters Academy!  Every kid wants to be a super hero and we, the League of Librarians, are happy to provide tips!  Our Academy's Headmistress is Miranda Kent, known around the world as Super Ninja Book Girl!  Here's Miranda Kent rehearsing 

This photo's from the school stage this afternoon.  BOOM!

Well done Miranda Kent and the League of Librarians, well done!  Five shows down and six to go.  The audiences have been incredible.  Thank you.

P.S. (Piper Script) Remember to read!  Super Heroes always read!

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