Thursday, June 25, 2015

Reading is my Super Power!

Super Readers in West Hartford 

Here's how it happened This past April while attending the Connecticut Library Association Conference I had a conversation with a library director about lawn signs.  She had recently approved the purchase of lawn signs for a library promotion.  My brain went into instant overdrive.  Honestly!  I am not being dramatic here!  

At this very same an alternate universe the script was written, the roles assigned, rehearsals were about to start for our annual Summer Reading Show - where a talented troupe of librarians travel to eleven elementary schools promoting summer reading.  This year's show: Every Hero Has a Story - Be your own Hero! While practicing my lines and my dance moves ...well, I was seeing lawn signs with superhero shields on them.  Yep! Visions of superheroes dancing in my head! 

Approval from management came quickly.  My colleague, Joe Molnar, a graphic artist when he's not at the library desk, designed our Super Reader signs. And then the fun began!  BOOM!

A week after school ended about 60 families in town awakened to find a Super Reader sign on their lawn.  How did this happen?  Did superheroes come to West Hartford while we were sleeping?  The next morning ... 40 more lawn signs were decorating the town.  And this morning, another 40.  The excitement is wonderful.  The community is talking, Facebook is buzzing, our phones are ringing. And we're still sticking with our story of Superheroes! 

Carol Waxman, Head of Children's Services and Interim Director of the West Hartford Public Libraries sat down for an interview today.  We'll post it on our Facebook page soon.  Mrs W needed to come clean with just how these signs are landing on the lawns. 

Here's the scoop: Each night, under cover of darkness the West Hartford League of Librarians fly across town in their gold capes delivering lawn signs to families committed to summer reading.  Our League includes staff from every department -many thanks to Amy McCue.  We are a team!  Now that you know this...well we may have to...HUSH! You see what I did there, right?  Librarians...Hush? 

Thanks for visiting Piper Loves the Library.  She's had a quiet week on the home front.  Programs begin in July - we'll be busy.  We're ready.  Piper wants a gold cape.  I'm thinking...yes!  I better give Dee Williams a call.  She makes Superhero capes.  Shhhh!  

P.S. (Piper Script) Girls ruled the top shelf in graphic novels for about 5 minutes today!

Flannel Friday rocks our world with both support and inspiration.  Visit the official blog for more info.   Have a great summer!  Questions and comments are always welcome.  


  1. That's so cool! So did the signs go to people who had already given permission?

    1. Tara, the first night signs we indeed had pre-approval and a promise from the parent to keep it secret We did secure approval from the Towns Zoning office to place the signs around town. Hence subsequent nights the signs landed on random lawns...mostly with homes that had playscapes in the backyards! it's been tremendous fun.


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