Friday, July 10, 2015

Super Hero on Friday

Storytime is Miss Christy's Super Power!

Piper and I are visiting grandchildren in North Carolina and today is library day. YAY!  We attended story time at the North Regional Library in Raleigh.  And by "we" I mean my daughter, my two grandchildren and me.  Piper stayed home with Maggie the dog.  This was a very good plan because this sort of orange so not her thing.

Miss Christy, standing tall in her Superhero shirt, welcomed a full house to preschool story time.  The fact that almost every preschooler had a toddler sibling did not slow her down in the least.  She was completely prepared and ready for her families.

Opening story time with the familiar ABC echo song made all those preschoolers comfortable and I loved the idea of adding the visual ABC.  Reinforcement, yes! (Thinking Piper and I may just have to bring that idea to our big screen in Connecticut. Yep!)  With the building blocks of Every Child Ready to Read, Miss Christy rocked 100 % participation.  Books, singing, dancing, rhymes, counting, laughing, jumping and flannels!  S as the letter of the day blasted off into space.  The flannel?  Rocket ships, just like the one on Storytime Katie's blog  This one would be perfect as well: Zoom Zoom Zoom to the Moon   And the snazzy planet here with the template  will get you flannelizing!

Following a fantastic story time we discovered many new books to borrow. One grandchild so willing to help with checking-out and the other so happy to be a cling-on leg hugger! 

Behold!  Our treasure.  

When we arrived home Cole and I each selected a book to read together before nap time.  My choice: The Line Up Book because Marisabina Russo's Sam is just like my little guy!  I've loved this book forever and was pleased to find a shiny new copy.  Bravo North Regional!  We read it again at bedtime.

And Cole's choice: A Violin for Elva.  Probably because of music man!

The North Regional Library in Raleigh is bright, welcoming, friendly and Miss Christy shares her super power with joy!  Go visit.  I may have to return tomorrow with Piper - sneak her in past that Super Crab!

Thanks for visiting Piper Loves the Library. Ms Kelly at the Library is today's host for Flannel Friday.  Check out her blog!  For more info check out Flannel Friday's Official Blog.  

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