Saturday, August 15, 2015

Heart Art
for preschoolers and their parents  

On Wednesday afternoons during the summer we offered a "Pop-Up" art program.  This program was intended for school age children but each week we had more and more preschoolers and parents crafting until our big kids surrendered the craft tables for Minecraft.  It really was just fine.  Everyone was happy.  

We had three Nepali families bringing 8 to the table, a family of four that only spoke Arabic and a few Spanish speaking families. But remember, we all laugh in the same language!  And creativity knows no bounds.

I selected a collage/ mosaic project from a worn out, loved-to-death discarded book.   Volunteers had cut up lots and lots of pages and we had old  painted paper on hand.  They all worked together on this 18 x 18 beauty!  Collaborative art work. It's mounted on foam core board.  

Now if you are anything like are already thinking of all the possibilities.  Instead of a heart shape how about Froggy ...for London's froggy books.  Or a giant bear for Brown Bear Brown Bear, but he'll be all colors!  A silhouette of Madeline ...yes!  

Thinking Fall Saturdays will have some really pretty Pop-Up projects in our little branch.  Fine motor skill, glue sticks, taking turns, learning colors - I know you love it.

Thanks for visiting Piper Loves the Library.  Please let us know if you create something similar.  We'd love to see.  ~ Piper and Jane  

P.S. (Piper Script) Please visit Flannel Friday for great ideas.

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  1. Love art in the library... Thanks for sharing a beautiful idea!


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