Friday, November 16, 2012

Autumn leaves are falling down

Holy Pumpkins!
What happened here in New England?  Did Halloween really come and go?  And is Thanksgiving around the corner?  Yikes!
I don't know if anyone still has leaves on the trees but here is a belated seasonal post. Quick and easy!  I pass out leaves to all of the children in story time and ask them to please keep them safe while I tell them about the great big beautiful pumpkin that Piper and found in the pumpkin patch.  We brought our pumpkin home and we carved it... and now it is called a ... that's right, a jack-o-lantern!  Piper loves jack-o-lanterns!  And she loves running around in the leaves that fall in Autumn.  Autumn is a very exciting time when you are a little black dog.

(Then we sing a song - one of Piper's favorite songs, to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down,
while we make our fingers trickle down like rain)

Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down
Autumn leaves are falling down
Yellow, Green and Brown

Now it's time for the children to bring their leaves up ..we sing again...and slowly wait for each color...




I'm always surprised by how much fun this is for the group.  So we usually do it again and this time we sort.

The pumpkin along with the labelled leaves were made with foam.  I actually backed the orange pumpkin with red foam and he stands out quite nicely on the felt board.  The leaves the children bring up are all felt.  I think I made about 40 of them.  You never know with a drop in Pajama Story Time.  

Okay - there is another part to my post today...
I recently added this item to my's temporary

and it is a pain in the neck, for sure.  I decided last night that it needed to be flannelized. So, my dear sweet Flannel Friday's the flannelization of the neck brace!    

I think it is a lot more friendly with the flannel flowers!  

I sincerely hope that our Flannel families are safe and sound.  I have missed you all for the past two weeks.  I didn't even have felt til yesterday.  Talk about withdrawal symptoms!  I did a lot of sketching for new ideas though.  That was fun!  Piper is staying close to me.  She has a couple of buddies to keep us cozy.  

Do you do the Autumn leaves are falling down song as well?  So simple and so successful.  Leave us a note, we'd love to hear from you ~ jane and Piper


  1. I bet your doc's have never seen such a lovely flannelized neck brace. I hope you are healing well!

  2. Great flannelization! Hope you heal soon.

  3. I know that song. I have a matching game each week where the kids bring something up and stick it on the board. I think it's a favorite, too.


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