Sunday, October 2, 2016

Librarians, Mugshots and Barking, oh my!

Banned Books Week 2016
Stand Up for Your Right to Read

The American Library Association sets aside a week each fall to celebrate our freedom to read.  Piper always feels the need to bark about it and... well...I usually follow along with the! click! click! It is remarkable to think about the many books challenged and banned.  Children's titles too!  Displays invite our kids and community to talk-it-up...or in Piper's terms: Bark!

This is the reference desk in children's.  Inquiring kids needed to know whhaaaat?!

And then this happened.

Of course we posted it on the Library's FB page!

It happened again.

Librarians standing up for the right to read!

On Saturday our Reference Librarian took a seat...but...shhhhh
she's reading a banned book!


We are undoubtedly partners in crime in our little branch.  I saw the idea on FB, printed it- I need visual reminders - and placed it in my Banned Books Week folder.  We discovered that black plastic mug-shot frame in the basement.  I have Andrew to thank for PhotoShop on the new laptop.  (yay! alas!)  Faxon's Joe deserves a giant round of applause for patiently playing "photoshop"each day.  I am grateful to the Circ Staff for working double duty and allowing me to steal Joe.  Many thanks to our staff for stepping up and standing out.  #Pramodsaidyes 

P. S. (Piper Script) Desiree told me to start thinking about next year.   Check out the photo I found on The Reading Room.  
                                                                                ....we could do such cool stuff with this idea.  

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