Sunday, August 21, 2016

BookFace! Yes, BookFace!

Three Cheers for Teen Volunteers!

About 4 years ago I posted my first "BookFace" on Piper Loves the Library.  I thought I would make it a quarterly mini-series.  A simple easy post that was all about fun and reading trends.  But some ideas just barely come together and then flop.  (see for yourself!)
Well, with #SummerReadingPrograms wrapping up I felt the need to take some photos of our teen volunteers.  Yet the teen volunteers suddenly went all "too cool for photos".  Hmmm...I had an answer for that.  BookFace revival!  And they were willing! (Silent victory...I needed to walk the cool walk to get the photos)

They were willing to sit in front of the stacks...all "library like"! 

We have the best teens!  We do.  

 Not only do they volunteer to help with children's programs...they read!

And that my friends, is How It Went Down...which happens to be one of my favorite summer reads.  

My heartfelt thanks for the wonderfully kind, generously patient and tremendously talented teens that rocked our summer.  You brought many smiles to the little kids and to the staff as well.  We appreciate you and the time you give to making this, your library something special.  We could not have survived Summer Reading Programs without you. Thank you.

~ mrs breen 

Art Gallery in the Library

Summer Art and A Saturday Social

Summer Art Programs...I adore them!  This year we were all about the self-portrait.  I had a purpose and a plan.  Let's build self esteem.  Let's think about who we are and what is important to us. What do we love?  Let's express that with color and design.


If you follow our blog you know that Piper and I work in an amazingly diverse community.  And if you follow the nightly news, you know that the world has been very unsettled this year.  When there is a crisis in the world we have books at the ready in our little library.  We know that our library families are connected across the globe with their extended families.  We pay attention. 

 I was inspired by pinterest to try self-portraits on black paper and ...WOW!  I think the kids rocked it!

When our art groups met, we talked about all the things that make us who we are.  Maybe we love basketball, or do we show that in our self-portrait?  Maybe swimming is important or you love the ocean.  Can we show that with color?  Do we have goals or dreams and how can we include them in the self-portrait?

I can not even begin to tell you how much I love these masterpieces.  Being part of  self-discovery conversations and witness to creative concentration was quite incredible.  

On Saturday, August 6th, our little library hosted a Saturday Social with lemonade, cookies and summer art projects on display.  The self-portraits were the central part of this exhibit.  

We are every color in our library.  This is important to recognize...every beautiful color.  We do our best to reduce prejudice by reaching out across town to build all inclusive children's programs.  Our volunteers, our families and our friends come from all backgrounds.  We encourage multicultural lives in programming, making fun friendships with people who come from different backgrounds, different countries, different faiths.  It's important to me. It's important to our children and their future.

 Every portrait tells a story.  Amen

peace ~ Piper and Jane

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pikachu, Pikachu, why can't we find you?

Oh yes we did!  Pokemon fandom fun!

Tonight at Prime Time with Piper and Mrs Breen we discovered that Pikacho was hiding  in our Story Time room.  Piper is quite proud that our library is a gym/Poke stop...but honestly...we turn off all devices for story time and yet....there he was behind the green house.

Here's the full photo of the flannel board with little mouse:

When the pajama-clad children arrived with their parents Pikachu was completely hidden behind the green house and little mouse was worried. He missed his friend. Here's the simple story I created. 

"Little Mouse loves his neighborhood and his neighborhood loves him.  He visits his friends often and sometimes he's a little late coming home. And we have to go looking for him.  This morning Little Mouse and Pikachu went out to play...but someone forgot to come home today.  

Hmmm.  Pikachu, Pikachu, why can't we find you?  Do you think he's hiding?  Perhaps behind one of the houses?  Which one shall we check?  Ahh, yes, the pirate house.  Oh, not there.  Pikachu, Pikachu, why can't we find you? (and so on)"

This game is a big matter who and where.  We have an adorable duck hiding behind a truck. It will also link you to Little Mouse (the original!)  Check it out.

P.S. (Piper Script)  Shhhh...I have Jane's phone, playing Pokemon Go right now! Shhhhh!