Friday, May 15, 2015


Every Hero Has A Story
and a city!

They're back - Summer Reading Programs and The Summer Reading Show!  

It's that time of year!  Libraries across the country are ready to roll out summer reading programs.  In our town - this is a production.  Seriously.  We create a script, make a set, sew costumes, seek out props, pull together music and take our summer reading show on the road - to all eleven elementary schools!  We are a traveling troupe of children's librarians and more!  
You see that city up there?  We built that city..on rock and roll! (Now if you don't understand that reference you are just too young!) We actually ordered our city on-line and it arrived looking like this:

We create our set with foam core board - it's light weight.  When you set it up and break it down in all of those eleven schools, weight matters.   Our incredible IT department worked to make that giant screen part of this year's show.  (We were thinking TED Talks all the way back in January and they made it happen for us!)  We transport the giant portable screen and the incredible sound system along with a "tech" from IT to all of those schools.  We borrow a van from "the Town". You see, it takes a village and that's the way it should be!  

We join forces to find supplies, paint, and eat!

Super-sized fries, anyone? 

Every Hero Has A Story, the national summer reading theme, inspired our very own story about Heroes Headquarters Academy!  Every kid wants to be a super hero and we, the League of Librarians, are happy to provide tips!  Our Academy's Headmistress is Miranda Kent, known around the world as Super Ninja Book Girl!  Here's Miranda Kent rehearsing 

This photo's from the school stage this afternoon.  BOOM!

Well done Miranda Kent and the League of Librarians, well done!  Five shows down and six to go.  The audiences have been incredible.  Thank you.

P.S. (Piper Script) Remember to read!  Super Heroes always read!

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Change the World, Bring it! CLA 2015

Connecticut Library Association Annual Conference 2015
Change the World!

(made during a creative-break and given-away)

Every spare minute over the past two months has been all about preparing for CLA 2015.  Planning a presentation with two friends and NOT about flannels - OMGolly! And we were challenging ourselves to present in a brand new format - the IGNITE style.  Tell a story to get your message across, make it personal and do it with 20 slides within 5 minutes.  Yikes!

We each did 2 Ignites. Kari Ann St Jean, my usual partner in crime was very brave and courageous offering the first Ignite done at a CLA conference...ever!  (applause!)  

Kari Ann, Head of Children's Services - Avon Free Library and a natural born storyteller, presented "What's your bus?" and "The Moment" both providing insight into personal growth and a successful, caring management style.  

Michelle Kaminsky, Head Librarian, Children's Services East Hampton Public Library is new to our troupe and dug deep into her past to present "Transition" - you know, all the jobs you've had and all the skills you've gathered to finally land the job you've wanted for so long! Her second Ignite was "Creativity" - learning the strengths of your staff through the common thread of creativity.  

(best badges ever!  thank you CLA 2015)

My first Ignite was "Diversity & Inclusion where I addressed the immediate need for diversity in our books and materials in our collections due to the fact that 2014 is the first year in U.S. history where the minority became the majority in babies under the age of one.  My second Ignite was "Mother Goose saved my life" a personal reminder to find focus and know why you do what you do in your core programs.  

Favorite quote of the morning from long time librarian friend, Heather Baker, "Always get in your room as soon as you can to set up".  Yep, we had technical difficulties despite having a rehearsal just days before "with everything working smoothly".  Heather came to our rescue. Thank you again and again Heather Baker.  

Best surprise of the day...Miss Meg from Miss Meg's Storytime ! Flannel Friday friends met in the real world and hugged!  So nice to spend time with librarians Meg and Stefanie - the younger generation.  They gave me confidence - the world is in good hands.   

While we presented in the Mystic Marriot on the Connecticut shore...Piper stayed in the rolling hills of Glastonbury with a life long friend.  I picked her up the next day and just wanted to stay.  Doesn't that hammock shout READ BOOKS HERE?  Thank you SMG.