Friday, February 1, 2013

Flannel Friday - BRRRRRR

Bundle Up!
It's cold out there!

Yes!  The weather outside is frightful - yet, here in New England we know how to handle that.  Layers!  We wear layers of clothing.  

Yesterday I came across an old post-it with words written on it.. for what must be a flannel board song but I had no idea of the source.  Since I am not the confident-singing or talented-song-writing sort...I knew these words were copied from someone, somewhere.  I visited our FF pinterest page and checked out the Clothing and the Winter boards to no avail.  And then, the very talented sotomorrow gal, Anne - sent me an email to let me know that she located the words on Mel's Desk!  Yay!  Once I linked I completely remembered reading the song there.  Many thanks to Anne and Mel. And here is another version that Anne found.  Oh, how I love our FF family. 

And vision/version includes these items:
I picked up a sparkly purple/blue heavy paper from the scrap booking section at Michael's and added magnets to the back.  (my flannel board is magnetic)  I already had all the other colors!  

Here's the song  (to the tune of London Bridge is falling down)

Parka, boots and scarf and hat
Scarf and hat
Scarf and hat
Parka, boots and scarf and hat
In wintertime we dress like that!  

(then, you KNOW you just have to do this)

OH NO...BRRRR my hands are freezing!

Here we go...are you ready?  It's cold outside.
What do we need to wear to go for a walk in the winter?



And scarf and hat
Scarf and hat
Scarf and hat
Parka, boots and scarf and hat
In winter time we dress like that!

My hands are freezing!
(big pause here...shrug your shoulders, look at all those little ones...and just wait for it...they will tell you)

Don't forget your mittens!!

Sing it again (and again, and again) Use your hands to motion to where each item belongs on the body.

And there you are!
All set for a cold day in Connecticut

P.S. (Piper Script)  We hope you are warm and cozy and cuddled up with a book.  We're reading Tip Tip Dig Dig by Emma Garcia.  What are you reading?  


  1. I Googled the words and there were links to:


    So that's a starting point at least! I'm glad I'm not the only one with random Post-its everywhere.

    1. Anne, thank you! You are a doll. I updated the blog to reflect this. So, I wonder...why didn't I google the words. Great skill set, huh?! I am still blaming this post-concussive syndrome...I have to read it off a post-it to remember what I have!! Post-Concussive Syndrome.

  2. What a cute song, and your pieces are darling! I love the added bonus of forgetting the mittens too.

    That glittery paper has me mesmerized as well...

  3. Perfect word - glittery! I loved the paper as soon as I saw it. Thanks for stopping by. ~ jane

  4. Oh wow! I love feltboards, and reading your blog, I feel sooo inspired! :D

  5. Thank you Madigan. I love the talented FF group - there is so much support here. ~ jane


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