Friday, July 25, 2014

Not a flannel Firefly

Firefly July

At the beginning  of time of the month I saw fireflies in North Carolina and knew I wanted to create a community art project with fireflies back in my Connecticut library.   I was looking at Kevin Henke's award winning book - Kitten's First Full Moon for a different library program, when  suddenly I knew. Here's the firefly idea!    It's wonderful when the moon aligns with Jupiter and Mars and the idea is just there.  There!  Here!

I started with a large piece of gorgeous blue paper from the fantastic Jerry's Art-orama, the neighborhood art store.  I recycled, (and who doesn't love some free-re-cycle?) a piece of black foam board for the backing.  I had a big fat black sharpie on hand and some great colored chalk pastels.  I drew the moon, the fireflies and some flowers with the black sharpie and placed the piece on display.  

Our patrons, old and young alike, were invited to color one firefly.  And they did.  On the first day we had lots of bright yellow fireflies and a couple of yellow flowers.  We titled the piece "Be a Reading Bug and Light The Night"  In one week's time the mural was done.  Look at all the colors!  And all the fireflies!  It's magical...and our community loved being invited into the artwork.

Are you a reading bug?

P.S.(Piper Script): Enjoy your summer reading...and watch for fireflies!  We'll be looking to the heavens for inspiration for the next community art project.  

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  1. Love this! We are doing some firefly fun next week - though out here they are called lightning bugs!


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