Friday, August 15, 2014

Flannel Shark meet Flannel Friday

Flannel Shark Attack

Two hungry sharks
Swimming on a wave
One named Dorothy, one named Dave
Chomp, chomp, Dorothy
Chomp, chomp, Dave
Swim away Dorothy
Swim away Dave!

Here they are swimming...oh, so sweet!

But of course...there are little fish in the sea, ut-oh

Chomp, chomp attack!

Good bye! And don't come back until I say so.

Here are the fish.  We made them with pipe cleaners. Everyone had fish to take
 home in their pockets because everyone chomped!  Yes, they did!

Here's a video we've been working on...please let us know what you think!
Click here for our Youtube experiment!

I've hardly seen Piper this week.  
Too many sharks in the Library and FYI: Piper is afraid of sharks!!!

Flannel Friday rocks our world!  

P.S. (Piper Script): Please let me know when it's safe - when the sharks leave the library.  thanks!

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  1. Love this!! The little pipe cleaner fishes are so clever!


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