Saturday, January 24, 2015

Take Your Child to the Library Day meets Pigeon!

Pigeon Party! 

The event is February 7th, 2015 and we have Mo Willem's Pigeon taking it to the next level.  At the request of said Pigeon we will even have a theme song.  Do you know Go Fish, Party Like a Preschooler?  The Crazy Dance song on that CD will from-here-on be known as The PIGEON DANCE!  What can I say? He's a pushy pigeon!

As our plans develop I am loving this day more and more.  Yesterday I worked on creating the 5 Little Pigeons Jumping on the Bed.  I will need to make them a very cool bed as well.  Here are some photos of my flannel process:
Pigeon Shadows
(Which makes me think - Why a Groundhog on Feb 2nd when Pigeon is way cooler?) 

Two little pigeons jumping on the bed!

Crafting this flannel set has been a blast.  They make me so happy and I am finding my inner pigeon voice. It's very sassy!  Of course! 

The program will include "Feed the Pigeon"  He's looking for cookies.  Check him out!

It's a bean bag toss!  

There is one thing I need from Pigeon before we can get-our-party going, but he's not cooperating.  Hmmm.

 Honestly...what's a librarian to do?  Advice?  Anyone?  

As always, we are grateful to the creative crew at Flannel Friday.  Their inspiration is awesome.  And many thanks again to ~K~ who inspired my flannel pigeons with her blog post.

P.S. (Piper Script) :  I'm ready to Party Like a Pigeon!!!! If you would like to join this international event please click here for info and registration


  1. Your flannels are always works of art!


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