Saturday, September 28, 2013

Piper reads Banned Books

What???  Whaaaat?  
Banned Books in the Children's Room?

This has been a very interesting display.  It got the "people" talking!  Library patrons visiting the children's area were dumbfounded by these books. (Green Eggs and Ham, Charlotte's Web, Harriet the Spy) This is the first time we displayed our banned books in the children's room.  This annual display with Caution Tape or Warning and Danger signs is generally located closer to the entrance and we display teen and adult materials.  And patrons check them out. 

This year it was exclusively children's books and that's what got the patrons talking.  Needless to say - I loved it.  Although almost nothing went out from this display.  Hmmm.  Sometimes it's just NOT about the "circ" numbers.

For Prime Time with Piper and Mrs Breen on Monday night we did this to some of our books.  We're pretty cool ...and creative!  And a handful of these got checked out.  Whew!

The display books were selected from this list, 15 Classic Children's Books banned in Amercia.  This brilliant list provides the banning date and the reason.  Love it!

Now, this quick quiz is way too much fun - give it a try.  FYI - I am a Radical Reader, hence Piper is too, you association!  And last but not least the ALA has created Mapping Censorship.  Check your state

P.S.(Piper Script):  We love the Nerdy Book Club Blog, take a look at some fan-favorite banned books.  And comment, please!  We'd love to know what you do in your library.

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