Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Piper visits the Farmington Library!

What a great day! We visited the Farmington Main Library today and Piper had the chance to ride Tinker!  OMGoodness!  Piper jumped right on Tinker's saddle and Miss Heather's Chicken, (a funky-edgy chicken who must be related to Mo Willems' Pigeon) flew over to join her and away they went!

I am thinking:  Don't Let the Chicken Ride the Horse!  

P.S. (Piper Scripts)  giddyap! Tinker, giddyap!!!

This is a beautiful library with an amazing Children's room.  The Children's Department is on the ground floor - very easy to access for visits, programs, and pony rides...just stroll right in!!  The staff is creative,  friendly and so willing to play.  A visit here is pure pleasure and Tinker, a vintage pony and new addition for Farmington, makes this library a destination place for families.  Please let the Children's staff know that Jane Breen and Piper told you to vist!  Oh and ask Miss Paula about Lucky! 

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