Friday, February 24, 2012

Flannel Friday! There was a girl who had a dog!

 There was a girl who had a dog
and PIPER was her name-oh!
P - I - P - E - R
P - I - P - E - R
P - I - P - E - R
And PIPER was her name - oh!

(sing to BINGO)

This is Piper's person!  Piper is my wonderful, very real, Puppet and she is the mascot of Monday night's Pajama Story Time.  I recently updated Piper's person, (the previous version was drawn with markers and laminated.) When we begin this story the letters are all over the flannel board, upside down, etc.. although the space holders are set in line right next to the person.  Here's our story, we are very silly:

Once upon a time, here in West Hartford, there was a girl with green not green..what color is her hair?  Yellow.  thank you!  a girl with yellow hair.
She wore a purple  not purple...ooh, it's pink.  Yes, a pink shirt.
And her shirt says I love cats, right?  no?  what does it say...Oh, I heart dogs.  And what does that heart mean?  Love...okay, the little girl with the yellow hair has a shirt that tells us that she loves dogs.  
She has something in her hand?  what is that?  a ball, yes!  a green ball!  
I bet her dog loves the green ball.  
Now her dog has a name...and I think it begins with the letter P...
we go through the letters, the sounds, who has that letter in their name, etc.
Finally, we spell out P-I-P-E-R and then we sing the above song. 

p.s. (Piper script) my person's name is Brie

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