Friday, May 11, 2012

We did it!

These are the Flannel this, Puppet That! presentation hi-lights!

Kari Ann and I presented Flannel This, Puppet That! at the Connecticut Library Association  Conference earlier this week - we are proud to provide you an overview. 

We had excellent tech support from Heather Baker, Librarian/Super Hero - thank you!  It is really important to have a "Talented Techie" with you to take care of showing the Youtube video and blog links.  Hopefully you have watched Kari Ann's absolutely perfect video on how-to-make flannel stories. Here's the link to her blog post for CLA 2012

Six 5' foam boards

Five hundred quilt pins! 
So many tags with titles and sources

Years of two crafty librarians

55 in attendance!!!

Each attendee left with a flannel story kit, (felt and templates in a ziplock bag) with our blog info
 and email addresses.

Some of our puppets!!

To see all of our puppets - check the Puppet That! entry on this blog (May 6th, 2012)

...and back at the Library, well, we just aren't ready to take these boards apart know, 500 pins to unpin...499 pins to unpin...498 pins ....

A Flannel Fest, for sure!!

FF Friends: many thanks for the inspiration and assistance you provide each week for my story times and my professional development.  And thank you for the terrific new blog - a safe place to learn and practice.

If you have questions, would like suggestions on how to present at your conference or run a Flannel Fest Program, (for teaching staff or preschool teachers)...please leave a comment and we can follow-up with email discussion.  This week's Flannel Friday Round-up host is Sharon at Rain Makes Applesauce!  Looking forward to our first week in our new home!


  1. Oh wow! It is incredible to see all your flannels together. Beautiful pieces! Wish I could have be in CT for your presentation. :)

    1. Thank you Anne, it really was a wonderful experience for us. We were both amazed when we put our work together!

  2. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! And I don't think that is enough "awesomes" to describe my impression of your boards and of you ladies!

    Your 55 attendees were so LUCKY to have you presenting to them. I am sure they went away with such a happy heart and excited to make new flannels for their storytimes. You willnever know how many parents and their little ones that you have helped excite about books and reading through your presentation. Your reach is unmeasurable (is that even a word? LOL)

    Congratulations! You must feel so proud and ecstatic at your accomplishments!

    I would love to correspond about setting up a similiar-type program for our local preschool teachers and daycare providers. It would be such a fun learning experience for them!

    My email is storytimeabcs(at)gmail(dot)com

    Please share any suggestions or tips with me that you think will be helpful. Thank you so much!

    Love it!

    1. K!!
      you are so sweet, thanks for all the awe-somes!!! We do feel good, and pleased...a very positive experience. I will email you with tips and an outline next week. Happy Mother's Day! ~ jane

  3. What a great post! You are now on my feeds. It looks like you may have taken the plunge to start this blog inspired by Flannel Friday? I love the FF phenom that brings so many people together across the country to feed the "cloud" with info and ideas for children's librarians everywhere. So glad you joined and are sharing not just there but here!

  4. Thanks Marge, FF is fabulous. Started my blog as soon as Kari Ann and I committed to being presenters for the state conference and we discovered FF at the same time. Perfect timing..(for once in my life!) Love being a part of this.


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