Friday, May 4, 2012

Flannel Friday Ducklings!

Move over Little White Duck, you've got some company!  So, my Five Little Ducks were hanging around Story Time with The Little White Duck flannel pieces listening to mo willem's new book - The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?  and before I knew ducks were "willem-ized"...take a look!

Now, if you haven't read the book, here's my advice...
Don't let the Pigeon hide this book!!

If you really want your ducks to
look "mo" like mo willems' duck
- just change the eye.  Like this:

You may want to make a 6th little duck...the "Duckling"
Here's the template - have fun!!!

Oh, and here's the rhyme done as a song!

The "Pigeon" is very popular in our library...these are all MUST READS.

P.S. (Piper Script)  I'm thinking....
 "The Piper wants a Pigeon" is a good title!
or better yet
"The Piper wants a Duckling!"


  1. Those are fantastic! We have a couple of flannels that look Carlesque, but no Mo. Love the idea!


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