Friday, September 6, 2013

Flannel Friday: Sheep Sheep Bo Peep!

Baa Baa Gold Sheep...

So, here's how it all came down today.  Patiently waiting in the waiting room with some cranky, sick people, big and little, when one of the little people, (not me) had a meltdown.  I would've been next, (with a meltdown), had it not been for my trusty sharpie and some colored paper from the receptionist!  Have I ever said how much I love sharpies?  I adore sharpies!  My preferred writing instrument for all things creative. (And manila folders are perfect for drawing), blue and gold paper and one magenta sharpie. (yes, magenta! Don't judge!)

And suddenly we had sheep.  And we were singing and clapping.  And now I think the librarians should visit the doctor's office waiting room once a week!  BTW, I was not sick - just sayin'.  And here are the sheep I sent home with the little one, who was no-longer-having-a-meltdown.  (I took their photos just in case I want to do something with them, someday!)  Tah-Dah!

Returning home I decided to check on my flannel sheep.  I suspected they needed a "sheep-lift" !  Take a look:

Black Sheep, White Sheep and Naked Sheep! aka Sheared Sheep

Baa baa naked sheep have you any wool?
No sir, no sir, I'm cold right thru
Baa baa naked sheep, what can we do?
Knit a sweater for me and a sweater for you!!

Once again:  Tah Dah!

I totally still like these sheep but now I want fancy ones.  Fancy silly ones!  The mustache on the blue one makes me giggle.  And the fur collar on the gold one with the earring is funky fun. And her legs are decorated like those fancy things on a rack of lamb!!  Oh, and everyone's legs look like knitting needles!  Hey, it's just what I'm thinking here! And this is my blog!  Oh and Piper's too.  Sorry Piper, I didn't forget about you.  I just got carried away again.

So, stay tuned.  Piper and I will do a sheep face-lift!  We'll make it a HOW TO.  So we can all have funky, silly, hippy, cheeky sheep.  Are you feeling it?  The flannel love?  

P.S. (Piper Script):  We showed our sheep before, maybe you remember?  We use tapping sticks and everyone loves it.  Really!  Click-it-out!  Did I just make up a new phrase?  Hey, if we can use flannelize, we can use click-it-out!   So much better than the word "Twerk"  Honestly, how is that in the OED?  

Almost forgot to tell you, I found the Oh Dear, No Eggs Here "sheep" in with the flannel sheep.
The lost sheep has been returned.  Now, please don't go all religious on me.

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  1. Oh My Goodness!! Those sheep are adorable...I mean hip! (I'm pretty sure that's not current either) Anyway, I think a mustache on a sheep is totally appropriate!! Love your post this week!

  2. Hmmm, I've been wanting to tell a good yarn. LOL Now I have a great felt story to do along with the book Extra Yarn.


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