Thursday, April 3, 2014

Maisy! Maisy! Maisy!

Off We Go!

     And yes...I'm talking heads.  If you caught last week's post - you'll get it!  Maisy's friends have heads that come off!  That's the only way they could get on the bus!  So here they are looking cute.  I generally back my pieces with black flannel, so once I thought about it ...I realized I could take their heads off.  Lucy Cousins creates her characters with bold black lines which lend themselves perfectly to this stained glass style I use in flannel.

To be clear, I didn't cut off their heads, rather, I never glued them on.  This means the heads are removable!  Pretty cool, huh? 

headless friends

And now take a look at the heads rolling along on the bus! 

...the heads on the bus go bump bump bump!

Here's the whole gang!  Note: removable bus door
                                              removable heads
                                              removable numbers for the bus stop post

I used these flannels three times this week and only once did someone say, "why did you do that?" I was placing Tallulah's head on the bus while quickly moving her body out of sight when a front row little guy, who was paying very close attention, caught the trick!  Busted!  So, I showed everyone, (kids and parents), how I created the pieces to fit on the bus.  It was genius.  It was perfect!

I tell this story with the bus in a hill-filled town!  I move the bus stop up or down on the flannel board when I change the number of the stop.  And then we... brrmm brmmm... the bus or eeek, eeek the breaks!  Oh, you may have noticed that Maisy's tail gets caught in the door - I decided to let that happen and see if it played out as funny.  Shall I say...daring creative risk here?!!  Just so you know - it was hysterical!  They loved saying "Ouch, my tail!" each time Maisy closed the bus door.  

P.S. (Piper Script): Since there's a Little Black Cat...maybe we can add a  Little Black Dog to the story?  

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