Friday, April 13, 2012

Flannel Friday Swirls!

Spirals in Nature

  Today I visited our newest S.T.E.M. Magnet School for their Spring Reading Day.  I was asked to read Swirl by Swirl, Spirals in Nature written by Joyce Sidman, pictures by Beth Krommes.  It was great to be in Kindergarten today!

I started with a few pieces on the flannel board without showing the students the book.
What is this?  

We talked all about snakes!

Now what is this?

 We all love seahorses!  We do!
 Do these two have anything in common?  
Something similar?

Look at this one...

Is there anything similar?  Anything the same with the Snail, the Seahorse and the Snake?

Yes they do all begin with the Letter S,
but what else?

Yes, they Swirl!  They have a spiral.
Here's another spiral in the harvest mouse's tail.

And one more big snail

You could hear a gasp when I opened this book...the pictures took their breath away!  They are amazing.  We decided to take a picture walk through the book.  What do you see here?

and here?

Do you think you can make a swirl, a spiral, with a pipe cleaner?
And finally we read the book...and you should too.

P.S.(Piper Script) Made a spiral with Bo!